I tested positive for Covid for the second time yesterday. Last had it at Christmas 2020.

Mostly just a heavy cold so far and haven’t lost any sense of taste or smell. Hopefully I’m recovered and testing negative in time for Christmas.
No one has it at my work (that I know of), but our sister store in another (nearby) city had nine employees out on Dec 23 and today with COVID. Our company is notorious for understaffing and we're stupid busy around Christmas time. They tried to send some people over to the other store, but our managers shut that shit down because they didn't want to put themselves or us at risk.


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The new Covid variant, Eris, emerged this summer as hospital admissions rose and estimated numbers of people with Covid jumped by almost 200,000 last month.

A descendant of Omicron, Eris, or EG.5.1, now accounts for between 10 per cent and 16.74 per cent of cases, and is the second-most prevalent strain in the UK, according to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

Prof Pagel pointed out under-50s have not had a vaccine for 18 months, and most under-75s for a year.

Apparently my immune system decided to be edgy and cool and catch Eris, the new variant. This is now day six of it and it's like the last time I had COVID all over again.
I got COVID again in July and it kicked my ass this time. Over the past month or so, it seems like everyone is getting it again, and similarly also having a very rough go. I don't think we'll see lockdowns or the same measures taken as before, but I do wonder what the fall/winter will look like given how rampant these new variants seem to be.
I’m back to wearing a mask (proper fitted N95/FFP3) on public transport again. It’s insane that the UK isn’t offering boosters to the general population - it looks like it won’t be until spring 2024 that you’ll have the option of paying for one.

Apparently my immune system decided to be edgy and cool and catch Eris, the new variant. This is now day six of it and it's like the last time I had COVID all over again.
Oh, me too. Had it almost two weeks ago and after the immediate really shitty phase of 5-6 days I‘m still struggling with headaches and a shortness of breath. I wanted to go on a run the other day and it felt like I was gonna die. It‘s just as shit as the previous variants.
Leg aches, on and off head and neck ache, feeling like I’ve slept one hour the entire night, etc. Been like this for a week but still COVID negative on rapids and PCR.

Times like this, I’m obviously happy if I don’t have COVID, but has anyone else tested negative and thought “well it would’ve at least explained how I’m feeling”? Because now I’m not sure what’s up. Doesn’t feel like a cold.
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Finally biting the bullet and looking at the Idaho COVID dashboard which magically the Republicans haven't taken offline yet... I fucking hate this stupid virus. I've never gotten it symptomatically, anyway, and I'd very much like to keep it that way. I can feel that panicked feeling that I first felt when I realized it was going to be an historical event that was going to suck and potentially kill people I loved and -- HELL -- my pot-smoking ass.

I would have known in March 2020 that THIS would be how COVID ended up, I think I actually would have needed a thorazine script stat.

This is fucking terribly weak of me but I honestly don't know if I can make myself mask up yet. You become an instant target of hate as soon as you put one on here. Like, I genuinely think I'll feel unsafe. God damn it. Idaho is just barely starting to creep up assuming the data is worth a damn, but I can at least mentally prep myself a bit again now.

I WANT ALL OF YOU TO STAY HEALTHY PLEASE! You sickies give yourself lots of love and liquids.
I've noticed loads of people coughing and spluttering everywhere right and whenever I mention it to people they say it's always been like that and people "are only noticing it now because of COVID"... I feel like this is just not true ddd

It's also gross with everything that's gone on in the world in the past few years people who are sick can't just pop a mask on if they need to go to the shops or something, it's not that big of a deal. I work in a supermarket and the amount of people just coughing over everything (or their hands and then touching merchandise/shelves/etc). Yuck.