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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Madrid a ghost town and confined in a sheo box flat that gets no daylight, hell for someone who suffers from SAD.
  2. In Poland we have
    103 people infected
    3 people died
    13 supposedly recovered
    It feels like some people still take it too lightly though. Looks like nothing cant stop them from getting drunk as fuck.
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  3. There's the sombrero.
  4. Anyone know any good home workouts? Like 30-60 minutes preferably. I haven't left my apartment in two days and all my classes are cancelled. I'm getting lethargic.
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  5. 123 cases here in Romania, 9 fully recovered, no deaths yet, emergency state starting Monday.

    I'm tired overthingking this though. On Tuesday much like I've shown in this thread my anxiety went through the roof so I'm really glad I calmed down a bit. It is what it is. Is it pleasant? No. Dangerous? Yes as proven. New and unfamiliar? Sure thing. But there's nothing more than I can do other than stay inside for as much as I can and keep it clean. And I've been doing just that. Everyone I know has.

    Yesterday evening I visited my best friends and it just felt so liberating. I hadn't left the house since Tuesday except for going to the groceries store twice. Who would've thought leaving the house for what would be something normal would feel so joyful in a matter of weeks.

    This whole ordeal, while terrifying at times is also quite an eye opening experience and I feel like it's bringing us all together in ways we had forgotten to even though we're basically isolated right now. We will come out of this stronger and I really hope one year from now we'll be looking back at this and be proud of getting out of it well.
  6. ssa


    News from Sweden today:

    It's like the government's taking the weekend off?

    The actual hell.
  7. Do you have any equipment? My exercise bike was getting dusty weeks ago but as of late I found it very useful. Dopamine is wonderful.
  8. I was at the gym and now I’m on the tube and London is way busier than I thought it’d be. The Guardian described it as a ‘ghost town’ the other day.
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  9. There tons of news about it and the prime minister made a statement as late as this evening. There really isn’t much else to be said at this moment as there has been tons of stuff happening this week and they have to evaluate the effects of it before taking further steps.
  10. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Well. The ignorance jumped out.
  11. I was out for a bit tonight getting shopping and the pubs and tube were pretty full - certainly more people than earlier in the week.

    People seem to be dealing with it like we deal with everything here: a sort of passive aggressive acceptance fuelled with tonnes of booze. I feel like a lot of people are making the most of it just in case there's some sort of lockdown. Which is a little counter-intuitive, because the pubs are going to be places where this shit passes around.
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  12. Alberta is still pretending that this isn't happening. I fucking hate our government.
  13. I guess I have nothing else to do in quarantine then watch Azealia Banks instagram stories in full
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  14. I went to the supermarket today so I can't judge everyone else who was there (although I was the only one wearing a mask and a hazmat suit) but you could tell there was something in the air (pardon the pun). No one was really stockpiling. There was sense that none of us should have been there but also needed to fill our fridge for the week.
  15. I'm just masturbating a lot.
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  16. This isn’t new
  17. While we're on the subject, is it true about masturbating boosting your immune system because if it is then I don't need to worry about myself or any of my friends
  18. upload_2020-3-14_18-49-48.gif
  19. I believe it does.
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