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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I understand people going out if their countries still haven't enforced a lock-down. They probably know it's coming and it's more a "one last time!" thing than just plain stupidity... or so I hope.

    Some businesses (bars, pubs, restaurants) are going to try and squeeze every cent/penny they can before the government tells them off, but it sucks for the workers because they are put at risk and they could pass it on to a myriad of people.

    And once the lock-down starts it's just game over.

    If big companies like Iberia are planning on laying off up to 90% of their employees... no business is surviving this unscathed. I just hope landlords waive rent to their tenants for a few months and that energy and communication companies do the same cause nobody is going to be able to pay for shit for a while.
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  2. Finally state of emergency in Serbia... Now only UK & Sweden left nn.

    Uni cancelled for the rest of the year... Okay? He didn't even say the plan about finishing the year or whatever but fine.
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  3. RJF


    I get that, but until these things are enforced... we can’t really do much.
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  4. Shout out to the brave warriors out there sharing a picture of some matches on their insta story just after the one about them going for brunch. Not all heroes wear capes!
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  5. All horrible news, this is far worst than I fear.
    What's the truth in the age rate of people dying?
    News outlet seem to say only people between the age of 60 - 90 but I hear a lot of cases of people between 20 - 40 too.
  6. Has public transport shut down in any countries yet? Alongside restaurants, clubs, bars and events, public transport has to be one of the biggest breeding grounds, no? And yet without it again a lot of people won't be able to get to work.
  7. Oh man, the governor of Illinois is pissed at the federal government AND anyone who went out over the weekend for frivolity.
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  8. There is no law that regulates a state of emergency in Sweden, so I think technically we can't declare one.

    Literally keeping calm and carrying on.
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  9. Yeah I was driving my sister and her friend to a bar crawl in Downtown Chicago yesterday ddd. There were still a good amount of people out and about.
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  10. It's quite wild just how much I notice hygiene so much more now. I've got the train and bus numerous times this week and actually being present and aware of where I'm placing my hands, how few people cover their mouth when they're coughing without even realising it, figuring out a comfortable personal space around people, noting the amount of times I aimlessly touch my face day to day, how many times I place my phone and hands on tables and flat surfaces...

    It's extremely illuminating, and I don't think I'll ever fully go back to un-noticing it after this is all done.
  11. In Spain, everything's been reduced 50%. And I think flights can only travel with 1/3 of the passengers.

    Everyone can get it (except for infants?), but the older you get, the more dangerous it is.
    If you have an underlying condition (asthma, diabetes, heart issues, etc.) you're obviously at risk no matter your age.

    Still, it looks like young people are still more prone to get it (and spread it?):

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  12. This figure is exactly why we need everyone tested ASAP and for everyone to stay put. I get people have to go to work (my boyfriend still has to face customers in Midtown Manhattan of all places), but governments should be forcing compliance at this point. Put a hold on all business except essential services like health care and grocery (ironically, that would also be the best case scenario for these workers, bar a complete shutdown). Figure out how to rebound while in quarantine.

    I don't know. The solution seems pretty simple in the abstract, but obviously capitalism has to capitalism. People shouldn't be working (or, really, be forced to work), there should be a moratorium on rent (for businesses and individuals), and governments should either subsidize or distribute food and OTC medicine according to household size or something.
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  13. Just been told I need to self-isolate as someone I had a meeting with last week has the virus. I don't feel too well myself, have a very dry cough but I'm hoping that's all it is.
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  14. Flights and trains are shut down in Italy, but public transport is still going at a local level. Some regions are locked. Nobody can move in or out of Sicily for exemple.
    @Trinu 3.0 infants can get it too, but apparently it doesn't get bad for them.
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  15. That's basically the problem.
    And in such a globalised world, it's impossible to hit pause on the whole global economy.
  16. All I've been able to think about the past two days is those people who would like to self-isolate for the greater good but have to go to work everyday because of our government's policy, and how those people will feel if they contract the virus and find they've passed it on to people at their workplace.

    If one person introduces it to a workplace and then a vulnerable customer or a co-worker ends up dying from the disease... Imagine having that on your conscience for the rest of your life while Boris barely gives it a second thought.
  17. *doxxes self* The state of Ohio, which ordered K-12 schools to close/go online basically as soon as there was a confirmed case, is requiring all bars and restaurants to close after 9pm except for carryout and delivery

    Honestly impressed with this complete asshole of a GOP governor's response, especially compared to Trump and other GOP leaders (although we'll see if the state offers any assistance to the families affected, remains doubtful)

    I hope this helps avoid a worst case scenario
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  18. Where the fuck even is Boris today?
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  19. I am wondering if Ireland will go into complete lock down like Italy. All schools, universities etc. are closed until 29th March but this is likely to be extended further. This weekend majority of pubs, restaurants across the country have closed. The number of cases is rising significantly since the initial outbreak on 29th February.

    I am wondering how effective these measures are on a partial lock down? Places of work are encouraging people to work from home where possible and a number of my friends are being told to stay home from the office. I am concerned as my office will remain open for now. This is where I am confused, as this means travelling to and from work every day on public transport and on to the office. How are people meant to practice social distancing in these circumstances etc. I feel that it is unlikely for companies to shut down unless the government enforce a complete lock down. I wonder what the likelihood is of Ireland enforcing a complete lock down?
  20. Honestly where the fuck is our Prime Minister and why are we getting updates from the media only?!

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