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Craig David - The Time Is Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jbond88, Sep 15, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]

    New Single "Heartline" out now & new album "The Time Is Now" out 26'th January 2018.

    Dude just keeps on winnin'. Honestly wasn't expecting another album so soon.
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  2. Features from JP Cooper, Kaytranada, Bastille, AJ Tracey and Ella Mai on this new album. 15 tracks including this single and the Chase & Status song.

    Track listing
    1.Magic (03:04)
    2.Heartline (09:15)
    3.Brand New (00:07)
    4.Going On (20:00)
    5.Love Me Like It's Yesterday (07:11)
    6.For The Gram (06:09)
    7.Get Involved feat JP Cooper (19:08)
    8.I Know You feat. Bastille (12:11)
    9.Live In The Moment feat KAYTRANADA and GoldLink (07:59)
    10.Love Will Come Around (20:10)
    11.Somebody Like Me feat. Aj Tracey (11:11)
    12.Focus (17:03)
    13.Reload w/ Chase & Status (19:03)
    14.Talk To Me (08:15)
    15.Talk To Me Pt II feat Ella Mai (01:26)

    Times aren't how long the tracks are of course. They're just how they were worked out on his website
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  3. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Heartline is a bop, but why's the album being released in January??? Didn't the last one have just a month between announcement and release?
  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    He's on Radio 1 this morning to talk about it, and I assume they're premiering Heartline.
  5. Do you know what time?
  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    It was just after 8 am (right after I posted). Unfortunately I couldn't stay to hear the whole thing but hopefully it will be on iPlayer (it was on Nick Grimshaw's breakfast show).

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  7. Some new UK TS5 shows announced too.

    3rd November – O2 Academy Brixton
    4th November – The Warehouse Project, Manchester
    5th November – O2 Academy Birmingham

    Album pre-order is up too including signed CDs / Vinyl.
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  8. I looooove this
  9. He'll be on the Jonathan Ross show tomorrow. Not sure if he's performing or an interview or both.
  10. Heartline is so good.
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  11. Yassss come through king of UK Garage and 2 step
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  12. He's performing Heartline on Jonathan Ross.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Craig David, Noel Fielding, and Paul Hollywood. Wow.
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  14. Ah, this is man is so fucking lush. Marry me, Craig.
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  15. Apparently, "Heartline" is co-written with Jonas Blue.
  16. Yes that's right, he talks about it here.

    Heartline live on Jonathan Ross' show.

    Also Craig was on Capital freestyling over some of the biggest songs out at the moment.
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  17. That Craig Davidian reign just won't let up.
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  18. He did Live Lounge today and performed Heartline, 7 Days and a mash-up of Wild Thoughts / Music Sounds Better With You.

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  19. New song clip - For The Gram
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