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    It's here.

    Crayon Pop is a South Korean girl group which has consistently delivered great music and unique, memorable visuals on a shoestring budget. Their excellently executed, high energy, cute concepts have been described as "a happy pill", sure to cheer up even the most cynical of people on a rainy day. Look, you love them, I love them, it's December, it's a cold winter (well, depending on where you live), we could all use some cheering up. So let's celebrate the upcoming holidays in the Crayon Pop spirit: by jumping up and down, making a fool of yourself in an endearing fashion and also rating their songs from 0 to 10. How about that?



    Bing Bing
    Saturday Night
    Dancing Queen

    빠빠빠 (Bar Bar Bar)
    꾸리스마스 (Lonely Christmas)
    Hero (w/ Kim Jang Hoon)
    어이 (Uh-ee)
    Hey Mister
    C'mon C'mon (뜬뜬뜬뜬 뜨든뜬)

    Love Christmas (w/ K-MUCH, Bob Girls and Zan Zan)
    하파타카 (Hapataka)
    1, 2, 3, 4
    ラリルレ (ra ri ru re)
    뭐해 (What Are You Doing?) (feat. Robin)
    Dancing All Night
    We Are Pirates!
    Vroom Vroom
    Too Much
    두둠칫 (Doo Doom Chit)
    부기우기 (Boogie Woogie)
    다가와 (Get It Here)
    스케치북 (Sketch Book)
    Love Couple (Feat. The Zoo)
    OK (Strawberry Milk)
    Feel So Good (Strawberry Milk)
    Hello (Strawberry Milk)
    알려주세요 (Let Me Know) (Strawberry Milk)
    123 Happy New Year (DT Boys feat. Crayon Pop)
    Y-Shirt (SoYul)
    Sunlight (Geummi feat. Sung Hoon)
    길 (The Road) (Bear Planet feat. ChoA&Way)
    니가 미워 (I Hate You) (ChoA&Way)
    늘 (Always) (ChoA&Way)
    Get Dumb (CD9 feat. Crayon Pop)

    You know the drill, rate the songs above from 0 to 10, with your special winner getting an 11, and PM me your ballot! Commentary is optional, but encouraged. (I won't be as hateful this time, promise!) The deadline will be 20 25 December 00:00 KST, and I will begin the countdown the same day. Let's go!
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  2. [​IMG]


    xx. Bbyong Song

    36 123 Happy New Year (DT Boys feat. Crayon Pop) 3.96
    35 니가 미워 (I Hate You) (ChoA&Way) 4.46
    34 Y-Shirt (SoYul) 4.5
    33 알려주세요 (Let Me Know) (Strawberry Milk) 4.8
    32 Love Christmas 4.84
    31 늘 (Always) (ChoA&Way) 4.88
    30 Love Couple (SoYul feat. The Zoo) 5.23
    29 뭐해 (What Are You Doing?) (feat. Robin) 5.28
    28 스케치북 (Sketch Book) 5.42
    27 Hero (w/ Kim Jang Hoon) 5.53
    26 We Are Pirates! 5.75
    25 Hello (Strawberry Milk) 6.15
    24 Get Dumb (CD9 feat. Crayon Pop) 6.57
    23 ラリルレ (ra re ri ru) 6.65
    21(=) 부기우기 (Boogie Woogie) 6.69
    21(=) Sunlight (Geummi feat. Sung Hoon) 6.69
    20 길 (The Road) (Bear Planet feat. ChoA&Way) 6.84
    19 Feel So Good (Strawberry Milk) 6.88
    18 Too Much 7.11
    17 Tonight 7.19
    16 C'mon C'mon (뜬뜬뜬뜬 뜨든뜬) 7.42
    15 OK (Strawberry Milk) 7.46
    14 Hey Mister 7.61
    13 하파타카 (Hapataka) 7.92
    12 1, 2, 3, 4 7.96
    11 꾸리스마스 (Lonely Christmas) 8.07
    10 다가와 (Get It Here) 8.11
    9 Dancing All Night 8.23
    8 어이 (Uh-ee) 8.38
    7 부릉부릉 (Vroom Vroom) 8.5
    6 Saturday Night 8.69
    5 Bing Bing 9.27
    4 두둠칫 (Doo Doom Chit) 9.46
    3 빠빠빠 (Bar Bar Bar) 9.53
    2 Dancing Queen 9.76
    1 FM 10.07
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  3. This is unexpected but in the best "Christmas-Came-Early" kinda way. Been meaning to have a whip through after DooDoomChit destroyed the scalps of continental Asia.
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  4. I wasn't planning on doing it so soon, but I just got dumped so I'm using this rate to distract me from my existential crises, sadness and general loneliness in my life. (same thing happened before the 2NE1 rate as well lmao)

    But back to business.

    I encourage everyone to listen to the Japanese version of Bar Bar Bar, the beat goes much harder and rejuvenated the song for me. I didn't specify in the opening post which versions of songs you should vote for, because that's your call. Any version you like best, basically.
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  5. The winner right here.
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  6. <3

    The 2NE1 rate was a fabulous joyride of Unpopular Opinions and anti-balladry (i'm still pained at It Hurts (Slow) getting knocked out so early) so I for one appreciate your seasonal tidings Deja-Claus and will be tackling this asap.
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  7. I had no idea they had so many songs! I'll send you my votes asap!
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  8. Everything gets a 10 except Love Couple.
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  9. Finally a rate where we can get along!

    But also, I'm now realizing that The Pop(e) attracts fewer rate villains and I won't get as many chances to be a shady cunt in the write-ups
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  10. I'm tempted to play devil's advocate and grade them on their own holy curve rather than objectively rating each song as I typically do.

    I had to do the same for 2NE1 but in that case it was so that there'd be more than a couple of songs that were above 6/10.
  11. HA PA TAKA best be getting ya'll 10's
    Maybe 11's
    If not FM!!!!!
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  12. Let's not open up any old wounds now.

    But yeah, definitely vote on a curve. My biggest worry is a five way tie at #1 because there are certain songs in here you can't not give a 10 but thankfully the 11/10 should sort that out.
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  13. I'll change my voting system for this rate. My lazy way of 10-ing all my favorite songs in the 2NE1 Rate and then watching them all get eliminated was... traumatic. I have learned my lesson.

    Only two songs are fighting for my 11. The losing one will get my sole 10. The rest of the songs could be all 9s though. Heh.
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  14. Definitely participating in this one.
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  15. Should I add this Chrome Family Christmas cheerful bop to the list? I left it out because there are so many other people featured here, but looking back the Pop(e) seem to be singing the majority of the song, so

    A bit sad how they are the only group still going strong (or at all) from this line up, but for now let's just enjoy the MV.
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    Voting closes on the 20th. I'm giving you less time because you had a whole damn month for the 2NE1 rate yet I still had to go hunting for ballots and postpone the deadline for a couple of days and 90% of you voted in the last minute anyway. You're on my time, girls.
  17. I recently got some new headphones and everything sounds a million times more glorious. I'm finding this rate even more difficult now

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  18. Ha, I usually try out new earphones with a Pope song, the production is just impeccable. When I finally replaced my crappy old pair I put Dancing All Night on first. The bass bumping on my eardrums followed by that arcade-y instrumental? Chills.

    Meanwhile, it seems I've missed a track:

    I was sure it was a cover, but apparently it's an original song (the lyrics are really emotional too), however I looked on MelOn and it doesn't seem to be officially released, so I'm not adding it. I mean, it's beautiful but a slow ballad will be among the first to go anyway, and more eliminations means more work and I'm not about that life. I have added Love Christmas to the list, though.
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