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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. I will say that "Dancing Queen" showcased some of their best Stage outfits to date.
  2. I teared up at that write-up. I'm a mess.
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  3. Damn! I'm disappointed my 11 didn't win, but honestly any one of their singles could have won it and I'd be happy. They're just that amazing!

    Wake up Korea and embrace these girls again!
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  4. Ah shit, just fixed the link to that intro thing that's probably only funny in my head.

    Winner write-up in a couple of hours! I'm gonna take a bath now. But remember I told you something iconic is happening at the top?
    See you soon~~
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  5. [​IMG]






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  6. Rigged! Dancing Queen has their best choreo and stage outfits and marked the moment I REALLY became a fan. Somewhere out there in the dark corners of the internet is a comment I made right after it came out where I called their choreographers geniuses and that if they worked for bigger companies they would be churning out major dance crazes on a regular basis. I guess I was only half right about that but still...
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  7. That is the most beautiful write-up ever. Even if it didn't win, I love how we all recognize that Dancing Queen is the perfect Crayon Pope song. Well, except that trick @aussie. I'm praying for your soul, cyst.
  8. 1.



    Average: 10.07

    Highest score: 11x4 (@Squashua, @roux, @junglefish, @Big Bang)
    10x6 (@Deja-Boo, @aussie, @Slice of Life, @JuanJose, @D is for Danger!, @ryan_riot92)

    Lowest: 9x3 (@Lego, @Laurence Nope, @send photo)

    How iconic can my rates be? Just look at that average. I did that The Pope did that.

    FM is an amalgamation of all things nerdy and great. Sailor Moon references? Check. The fact that sodium salts burn yellow and lithium salts burn red? Check. References to spirulina, epinephrine, acai berry and acetylcholine and how they might be metabolically linked? Check. Spelling out the chemical formula for a six carbon simple sugar in a chilling post-chorus breakdown? Check. Well I mean, if that’s not enough reason for a top score, I don’t know what it. Even its name, “FM”, comes from the Korean expression “field manual”, which is said about somebody who follows rules by the book, but it’s not used in a flattering way. So the song is about saving an FM from a mundane, repetitive lifestyle. Charitable queens, bringing fun and excitement into our boring lives!~ Ellin described it thusly: Unlike the cute image from ‘Bar Bar Bar,’ we are portraying the image of a charismatic female warrior; we are mature women.” As a collaboration with popular producers Shinsadong Tiger and Monster Factory, FM was debuted at K-Pop Night Out SXSW 2015 and has a smoother, cooler sound to it, housing the girls' vocals processed and layered in a J-pop-ish style. It sounds massive.

    I mean, it's just spine-tingling, isn't it. That synthesized, video game inspired intro that simmers before the exhilarating beat explodes, and then hook after hook after hook, maintaining the intensity across the song? The rap breakdown? Incredible. And let's talk about that awesome MV - a mix of Sailor Moon, Super Sentai / Power Rangers and Halo, featuring a cameo from K-MUCH's BornUs as Tuxedo Mask, who comes to the girls' rescue and then dies(?) for some reason. Like, where were you the day the Pope saved K-pop? Even if it's not your personal winner, how can you argue against it? I gave it a 10 for a reason, and that reason is simple: it’s pop music firing on all cylinders and it's amazing.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Let’s bookend our commentaries with 11s. First up, it’s roux: “There were 4 or 5 contenders for my 11 (such is Crayon Pope's brilliance) and I found it impossible to pick a favourite, so I let the iTunes play count decide for me - and FM won. It's sad that this era was completely forgotten in Korea because this was the true Volume 1 of Evolution Pop for them. It's the biggest departure from their typical sound out of all their title tracks yet still remains one of their best songs of all. As great as the following Evolution Pop album was, I'm sad we never got that other Shinsadong track we were all hoping for. He and Way's Girls are a match made in pop heaven.This is also the era where ChoA was crowned Queen of Everything, as can be seen in this performance (especially from 3:17) Ellin's reaction is best.” Say it mama!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Lego won’t let those ungrateful FMs get the best of our musical saviours and legends, “The lack of reception this song received in Korea is one of the great Pop Injustices of our time, especially given how seemingly public friendly it is compared to a lot of their other songs. I low key resent it a little for ushering in a wave of non-dynamic, somewhat lifeless and robotic vocals from them that would haunt a decent amount of their future songs (mainly the Japanese ones), but I love the ad libs at the end and this is still a bop through and through. I'd be very curious to see what they would put out if they ever got into a studio with Shinsadong Tiger again, I'd be perched.” I mean I’m perched either way, because I know my girls only serve the best. Speaking of excellence, send photo recognizes it: “They have the best videos ever. Get that Chanel product placement.” They’re going to need all the money they can get for the next comeback, aren’t they. I’ll start a prayer circle. In the meantime, D is for Danger! gets back his youthful spirit, “As soon as I heard the opening drums, the first bar of electric guitar and those synths I was sold! CP went a little dark and brooding with this one thanks to genius producer Shinsadong Tiger. I love how the girls hit us with scientific lyrics that name elements, neurotransmitters, sweeteners and even give the molecular formula (C6H12O6) for simple sugars like glucose! When will your faves?! NEVER!!!The MV! Oh the glorious MV! Is there really anything not to like about it?! Sailor Moon meets Power Rangers! It's my childhood dream come true!”


    The write-up wouldn’t be complete if Slice of Life didn’t get a whole paragraph for herself, so take it away, sis! “The first receiver of just my three 10s in this whole rate and is just very, very deserving of that honor. FM is Crayon Pop playing the Big K-Pop Girls' game and winning it in flying colors. This was just impeccable in all fronts. Shinsadong Tiger truly gave one of his very best songs to the Popes and I'm just glad he did because Way would have killed him if he didn't. There's also a melancholic vibe hiding beneath the synthy facade of this hymn, like Crayon Pop's putting on a mask of happiness and projecting a tough image but deep inside, there's a story there... a struggle... an epic that would shame both the Harry Potter series and the Tales of Gumiho. I'm making shit up again N N N N. Anyway, this should *easily* enter the Top 5, shouldn't it? Y'all better not do this wrong because I'm gonna retaliate if you dare to do so. If pre-bullying scandal T-ara released this, I believe this would be a Roly Poly-sized hit for them. It's that good. And I haven't even talked about the music video. And the choreography. But Imma keep this cute because you might need something to talk about in your commentary. Kekeke.” Well it easily won the whole damn thing, how about that. Haha.


    Finally, Squashua will close us off and I’ll let him tell us why this is his winner (on top of being the winner of the rate): “This wasn't my 11 initially and I didn't even really like it that much when it first came out. However, this is the definition of a stealth kill. Everyone about it is so perfectly crafted and balanced despite how conflicting all the elements are. It's at once retro, nostalgic, a wink to all the childhood nerds out there whilst also being incredibly futuristic musically, a completely different style for them, the rap hits hard and the vocals are so... melancholic. Like forlorn robot-magic girls overlooking a dying utopian planet. They rarely get the chance to let fly on actual vocals which is a shame as they sing most other girl-groups out of the park. It's a bop, it's a jam, i'm singing the "Ready Set Gooooo!" all the time and the video is so lovingly & faithfully crafted in the name of 90's kids' TV that you could find yourself shedding a lil tear as you recreate those power rangers battle positions.”

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  9. Well I’ve said most of what I wanted to say about the Pope’s importance in the write-up for my 11, but there’s one more thing I’d like to add before we wrap up...


    In an industry that becomes more and more cynical as the years are passing, where idols’ careers and lives depend on their next comeback, where concepts are thrown away or recycled based on passing trends which only a few groups manage to ride successfully, Crayon Pop was and has remained a breath of fresh air. It’s important to note that the Pope’s quirky, eccentric approach to cute isn’t a contrived act or a mask they put on for a couple of comebacks for an easy hit. This is not meant as shade to other groups, it’s tough out there for an idol and you have to make ends meet. But my point is that this is seemingly coming from a genuine place, it's what the girls want to do and what they want to show the world. I disagree a bit with @roux, I actually think that, had Bar Bar Bar not blown up (and by the way, I know we throw the word “iconic” around a lot on this forum, but BBB is iconic in the truest sense of the word. Everybody knows it.), both the Pope and this rate would still be here today. Because even if they never had any massive chart victories, these girls would still be going out on the streets, doing guerrilla performances and promoting their work. An even lower budget, sure, but they’d survive. The sheer level of commitment, effort and care that goes into their concepts, their costumes, music and routines, despite coming from such a small company and despite selling so little, is astounding. It just proves, time and time again, that this is their artistry and that they won’t let something so ephemeral as commercial success get in the way of it.

    Which is why I know I can always count on them to return with their best image and stay true to themselves; as they say in their songs: life is tough, but let’s all try and smile through it. We all know how hard it can get. But sometimes, a happy pill is all you ever need. A simple pick-me-up can make all the difference in someone’s life. And they certainly made a difference in mine. By making me go through all of their material and work over and over again, this rate has made me realize that yes, they are my favorite girl group. And therefore one of my favorite musical acts ever. So here’s hoping we’ll see each other again in five years’ time for a part two of the Pope rate, eh? For both the K-pop industry and their fans, acts like Crayon Pop aren’t just important, they’re vital.


    A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted, everyone who submitted commentary, and of course everyone who has kept this thread alive. I updated the full leaderboard on the front page, if anyone needs it. May the Pope’s spirit be alive and kicking in all of you Sketchbooks!


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  10. [​IMG]


    Thank you for hosting this rate flawlessly, @Deja-Boo! You did that. I had so much fun.

    I will also remember this rate for making Helen Keller relevant again. Kii.
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  11. Thank you @Deja-Boo for the massive effort you put into this rate! It brought back a lot of pleasant memories for me and also it was nice to discover that some of the gifs I made years ago are still in circulation.
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  12. This rate was incredible. Even if it got the winner wrong.
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  13. I'm officially 2/2 on matching my 11 with the winner on @Deja-Boo superior level rates. FM wasn't really on my radar for a long time but doing this rate has reignited it tenfold and I'm super happy it won out (with a fave-sl*ying 10+ avg no less). This has unearthed so many Kpop treasures for me so I'm a full C-Pope convert.

    Fabulous work as always DB, I'm looking forward to your third stint as host for a Gain rate in the mid-year (please?)
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  14. Then my job here is done

    Maybe not so soon, but it's going to happen eventually.
  15. I feel really bad because I haven't sent any commentary for this, not even for my 11, but I knew I couldn't do it justice. I'm so glad FM won, I can't even put how much I love this song into words.
    It was an amazing rate @Deja-Boo. I thought I knew the Pope, but I discovered so many gems thanks to you.
  16. Since there's only 13 voters and I still have the spreadsheet and no life, I went ahead and calculated the compatibility between your votes based on scores for individual songs (as you'll see, this is different from the compatibility between the overall averages I posted a while back).

    is most compatible with roux and least compatible with aussie
    is most compatible with Deja-Boo and least compatible with aussie
    is most compatible with Deja-Boo and least compatible with aussie
    is most compatible with Lego and D is for Danger! and least compatible with send photo
    is most compatible with JuanJose and least compatible with roux, Lego and Slice of Life
    is most compatible with Big Bang and D is for Danger! and least compatible with send photo
    Laurence Nope
    is most compatible with JuanJose and least compatible with aussie
    Slice of Life
    is most compatible with Deja-Boo and least compatible with aussie
    send photo
    is most compatible with Deja-Boo and least compatible with aussie
    is most compatible with roux and least compatible with aussie
    is most compatible with Deja-Boo and least compatible with aussie
    Big Bang
    is most compatible with ryan_riot92 and least compatible with send photo
    D is for Danger!
    is most compatible with Lego and Laurence Nope and least compatible with send photo

    tehe at me being the people's kween

  17. I am kinda low-key howling that you & Aussie hit the most Least Compatibles yet you want nothing to do with ha either, judging by your least compatible... oops.
  18. but those who are least compatible with you had the lowest averages so be proud a bit
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. [​IMG]
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