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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. 3Xs


    Sketchbooks unite!

    It's a new year, and I think it's about time THE POPE had their own thread.

    Enter and be blessed!
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    CRAYON POP (크레용팝; coequally known as SLAYON POP, CRAYON POPE, or simply THE POPE) is a 5-member girl group under Chrome Entertainment that debuted in 2012. Active in both Korea and Japan, the holy entities known as THE POPE spread love and joy wherever they go with their effortlessly catchy hymns and innovative, trend-setting dance moves. Though the word of THE POPE was initially heard by only a few apostles, the holy entities weren't afraid of a little hard work, hitting the pavement to spread their message of charity and humility to those far and wide. It was soon after that their popularity exploded in A.D. 2013 with the release of the iconic and game-changing smash "Bar Bar Bar" (translated from Korean meaning "Bible Bible Bible"), which became a viral hit, ascending CRAYON POPE to a heavenly new level of popularity. Now in the new year we await the return of THE POPE from the holy corridors of Chrome Entertainment to deliver us their new hymns. In the meantime, let us pray.

    In the name of the father, the son, and the holy SoYul. Amen.



    [highlight]SoYul (소율)[/highlight]
    Main Vocalist, Rapper


    Stage Name: So Yul (소율, ソユル)
    Real Name: Park Hye Kyung (박혜경)
    Nickname: Young Energy
    Birthdate: May 15, 1991 (age 22)
    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
    Height: 160cm
    Blood Type: A
    Other Languages: Japanese (Conversational)
    Talents: Dance, Vocals, Art
    Hobbies: Western Paintings / Drawings, Listening to Music, Art
    Favorite Food: Samgyeopsal, Soda / Cola
    Favorite Artists: BoA, SHINee, BIGBANG, Amuro Namie
    Fun Fact: Is a former ulzzang, debuted in 2010 as a member of duo group Chic’6 Muscats before joining Crayon Pop.

    [highlight]Gummi (금미)[/highlight]
    Vocalist, Main Dancer


    Stage Name: Gum Mi (금미, クムミ)
    Real Name: Baek Bo Ram (김다희)
    Nickname: Healthy Beauty
    Birthdate: June 18, 1988 (age 25)
    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
    Height: 165cm
    Blood Type: B
    Other Languages: Japanese (Conversational)
    Talents: Dance
    Hobbies: Listening to Music, Watching Movies
    Favorite Food: Vietnamese, Chicken Legs, Super Spicy Tteokbokki
    Favorite Artists: Lee Hyori, Gong Yoo, Shim Mina, Nakashima Mika, Yu Aoi
    Fun Fact: Loves all types of food. Her audition for Chrome Ent. was the first audition she’d ever done; she passed on the first try.

    [highlight]ChoA (초아)[/highlight]
    Main Vocalist


    Stage Name: Cho A (초아, チョア)
    Real Name: Heo Min Jin (허민진)
    Nickname: Cool Eye
    Birthdate: July 12, 1990 (age 23)
    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
    Height: 160cm
    Blood Type: A
    Family: Twin sister, fellow Crayon Pop member Way
    Other Languages: Japanese (Conversational)
    Talents: Karaoke
    Hobbies: Watching Movies
    Favorite Food: Bibimbap, Fried Rice
    Favorite Artists: Rain, Beyoncé, Nakashima Mika, Sawajiri Erika, Yu Aoi
    Fun Fact: Is twins with Way and is the older twin by 1 minute, doesn’t think cute concepts fit her, she likes to sing musicals.

    [highlight]Way (웨이)[/highlight]
    Lead Vocalist, Rapper


    Stage Name: Way (웨이, ウェイ)
    Real Name: Heo Min Sun (허민선)
    Nickname: Chic Pure
    Birthdate: July 12, 1990 (age 23)
    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
    Height: 163cm
    Blood Type: A
    Family: Twin sister, fellow Crayon Pop member Cho A
    Other Languages: Japanese (Conversational)
    Talents: Writing Lyrics
    Hobbies: Cooking, Singing While Playing the Piano
    Favorite Food: Sushi, Milk, Grilled Shrimp
    Favorite Artists: Rain, YUI, Odagiri Joe, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus
    Fun Fact: Was the lead vocalist of an indie band called N.Dolphin before joining Crayon Pop, is a certified scuba diver, is the more outgoing of the twins.

    [highlight]Ellin (엘린)[/highlight]
    Vocalist, Lead Dancer


    Stage Name: Ellin (엘린, エリン)
    Real Name: Kim Min Young (김민영)
    Nickname: Angel Smile
    Birthdate: April 2, 1990 (age 23)
    Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
    Height: 165cm
    Weight: 44kg
    Blood Type: B
    Other Languages: Japanese (Conversational)
    Talents: Dance
    Hobbies: Listening to Music, Watching Movies
    Favorite Food: Anything and Everything
    Favorite Artists: Eric Benét, Dru Hill, Boyz II Men, Beyoncé, Nakashima Mika, Shim Mina
    Fun Fact: Her nickname is ‘menboong’, which literally means ‘mental breakdown’, eats all the time, was born in Daegu.


    [highlight]Arisa (ありさ)[/highlight]
    6th Member for Japanese Promotions Only


    Stage Name: Arisa (ありさ, 아리사)
    Real Name: Sekine Arisa (関根ありさ)
    Birthdate: 1988 (24)
    Birthplace: Japan
    Other Languages: Korean (Conversational)



    Crayon Pop The 1st Mini Album [2012.07.18]

    1. Bing Bing (빙빙; Round And Round)
    2. Saturday Night
    3. Bing Bing (Inst.) (빙빙)
    4. Saturday Night (Inst.)
    5. Saturday Night (Dubstep mix)


    The Streets Go Disco [2013.09.26]

    1. Bar Bar Bar 2.0
    2. Bar Bar Bar (Original Version)
    3. Dancing Queen 2.0
    4. Dancing Queen (Original Version)
    5. Saturday Night (Dubstep Version)
    6. Saturday Night (Original Version)
    7. Bing Bing (Poppin Version)
    8. Bing Bing (Original Version)


    1. Bing Bing (빙빙) (2012)
    2. Saturday Night (2012)
    3. Dancing Queen (2012)
    4. 1,2,3,4 (2013)
    5. Bar Bar Bar (빠빠빠) (2013)
    6. Lonely Christmas (꾸리스마스) (2013)
    7. HERO (with Kim Jang Hoon) (2014)
    8. Uh-ee (어이) (2014)
    9. Hey Mister (헤이 미스터) (2014)


    Bing Bing (Pre-Debut Promotional Video as "Hurricane Pop") (2012?)
    Bing Bing (Korean Ver.) (2012)
    Bing Bing (Japanese Ver.) (2012)
    Saturday Night (2012)
    Saturday Night (Japanese Ver.) (2012)
    Saturday Night (New Ver.) (2012)
    Dancing Queen (Guerrilla Edit Video) (2012)
    1,2,3,4 (Edit Video) (2013)
    Bar Bar Bar (Story Ver.) (2013)
    Bar Bar Bar (2013)
    Bar Bar Bar (Global Ver.) (2013)
    Dancing Queen 2.0 (2013)
    Lonely Christmas (2013)
    Lonely Christmas (Flash Movie) (2013)
    HERO (2014)
    Uh-ee (2014)


    Official Youtube:
    Official Facebook:
    Official Twitter:
    Official Japanese Twitter:
    Official Japanese Website:
    Official Me2Day:
    Official Blog @ Naver :
    Official Fancafe @ Daum:
    Official Fansite (No Longer In Use):
    Crayon Pop on Reddit:
    Crayon Pop on Tumblr:,
    Ellin on Instagram:


    [highlight]Music Show Wins[/highlight]

    [2013.08.30] KBS Music Bank - Crayon Pop’s First Win ("Bar Bar Bar")


    [2013] MTV IGGY’s Artist of the Week (2013.07.26)
    [2013] MelOn Music Awards - Hot Trend Award
    [2013] Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) - Best New Female Artist
    [2013] Seoul International Press Club - International Press Public Relations Award
    [2013] Style Icon Awards - New ICON Award
    [2013] Hawaii International Music Award Festival (HIMAF) - Rising Star Award
    [2013] KBS Music Festival - Artist of the Year
    [2013] Golden Disk Awards - New Rising Star Award
    [2013] Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards - Hot Trend Award
    [2014] Asia Model Festival Awards - New Star Award


    [TABLE="class: grid, width: 525, align: left"]
    [TD]PJ K-Chart~[/TD]
    [TD]"Bing Bing"[/TD]
    [TD]KOR: 7,319+[/TD]
    [TD]"Saturday Night"[/TD]
    [TD]"Dancing Queen"[/TD]
    [TD]KOR: 124,047+[/TD]
    [TD]"Bar Bar Bar"[/TD]
    [TD]KOR: 1,187,538+[/TD]
    [TD]"Lonely Christmas"[/TD]
    [TD]KOR: 393,677+[/TD]
    [TD]KOR: 12,234+[/TD]
    [TD]KOR: 353,863+[/TD]
    [TD]"Hey Mister"[/TD]

    *all infos borrowed / stolen from Wiki, Generasia and fy!crayonpop

    I'd better see all my fellow Cuties in here! You know who you are.
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  3. 3Xs


    Most people don't. She's the Judas of Crayon Pop. A part of the crew, but always at the far end of the table just in case...
  4. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    YASSS!!!! This house of worship shall be my place of refuge from now on! For I have been touched by the angelic sound of The Pope's voices!

    *falls on knees and confesses all sins*
  5. I bet y'all are Ilbe members!
  6. Look how evil SoYul is...

    The others are cute.
  7. For some reason, I never really cared for them... Until five minutes ago when I watched their MBC Gayo street performance and my life changed. I have seen the light. (˘ʃƪ˘)
  8. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I only knew about Arisa today. At least she's in a better position than After School's Kyungmin.
  9. FINALLY. This thread is MUCH overdue~
  10. I am a firm believer in the Crayon Testament!!!
  11. I'm pretty sure the plans to add Arisa were cancelled after the group became suddenly popular. She left Chrome to be an actress under a different company. She starred in an indie MV not too long ago:
  12. 3Xs


    Yess!!!!! One conversion already!
  13. Yes!

    Praise our saviours.
  14. 3Xs


    I hadn't realized she'd left Chrome. But maybe that only applies to Korean promotions? Guess we'll find out next time they go to Japan, which apparently should be early some time this year.
  15. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Soyul is my favorite, and it's hard to believe these girls are in their mid-twenties.
  16. 3Xs


    Well technically early 20's as 4 out of 5 are still under 25, but yeah, older than the average idols which is actually part of why I like them so much. Dunno, just feels like they're a bit more mature and enjoying themselves because they want to be doing it. Of course that's just my interpretation.
  17. Of COURSE she is.
  18. 3Xs


    Updated the OP

    -Links to all their official online stuff + fansites
    -All the awards they've won to date
    -Fun facts you might not have known about them added to each member's profile~
  19. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    Please remind me to change my username to this asap!
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