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CRAYON POP(E) - House of Worship

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. ^ Blue Riding Hood concept?
  2. 3Xs


    Aw man I'm ready.

  3. [​IMG]

    It's time to pray to the Crayon Pope.
  4. [​IMG]

    The good news:
    The album cover is iconic.
    The song is composed by one of the guys from Dumb and Dumber.
    Ah Ba, the tall curly-haired choreographer who left Chrome right before BBB is apparently back with the company now.

    The bad news:
    Apparently we aren't getting a full album as originally planned for reasons I don't really know, but rumor has it that it's because the songs Kim Yoo Min composed had to be scrapped. And of course I don't know why these songs had to be scrapped, but rumor also has it that there could be some sort of scandal if the reason why came out, so hopefully we'll just never know I guess.
  5. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    "Vintage Car"! That's amazing!

    I guess there might have been plagiarism issues or something along those lines? As nice, as it would've been to have an entire album, if the title track is on their usual level, everything will be forgiven.
  6. 3Xs


    The dream of a full CRAYON POP album continues to be a distant dream but DAMN I'm excited.

    Updated the OP with the teaser pics for the new single.

    My KPOP queens and my American queen together. I'm going to die.
  8. 3Xs


    The GLOBAL POP era is coming. Prepare yourselves

  9. 3Xs


    Looks like someone is returning Ellin the favor:

  10. 3Xs



    So proud of them. From the streets of Seoul to touring the US.

    I'm glad it turns out the album was pushed back due to the tour rather than songs having to be scrapped like that rumor said.
  11. Imagine they will be the first asian band to have a hit in the US when everybody expects Girls' Generation or 2NE1 to make it big first haha. I'm so happy for them.
  12. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

  13. I wonder why Girls' Generation were not chosen... Are they still with Interscope? It would have been a great exposure for them...
  14. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    As big an SNSD fan I am Crayon Pop were chosen becuse they stand out as something unique and instantly captivating in concept and performance in a way that SNSD, 2NE1, many other great groups don't. And I'm sure Gaga just likes the 'weird factor' as well.
  15. 3Xs


    Because Cheese Generation are for pansies. They would make absolutely no sense at a GaGa concert.
  16. 3Xs


  17. 3Xs




  18. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    The Pope all dressed up for church so they can convert all the non-believers and free them of their sins!
  19. 3Xs


    Seriously though how good is that teaser? It looks like everything I could possibly want out of CP. I wonder how they get from those dresses to the ajumma outfits though.

    Also considering that the HERO and BBB MV's were both released ahead of the actual song I wouldn't be surprised if video dropped this week!
  20. I did a google image search for Crayon Pope and the first image of this thread was #1 in the results. Well done, very well done!
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