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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. 3Xs


    Just bopping on a Saturday Night in Atlantic City


    And scoring some local Kimchi:


  2. 3Xs


    Awww, has POPE infected your mind? ♥
  3. 3Xs


  4. 3Xs


    It's finally happening


    CRAYON POP are releasing a comic book!
  6. 3Xs


    Teasers next week

  7. 3Xs


    Only a GLOBAL group covering another GLOBAL group.
  8. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    The j-pop queens chose their k-pop liaisons.
  9. HELLO, IT'S HERE. It's everything I wanted!

  10. The fanchants!

  11. The news of them possibly working with Shinsadong Tiger makes so so damn excited.
  12. 3Xs


    *poop everywhere*
  13. [video=youtube;79SPmv8U6VE][/video]
  14. [video=youtube;mu-IXWPPgJI][/video]

    I love it.
  15. Does anyone know what the 6681206 in FM means?
  16. C6H12O6 is the chemical formula for glucose. If you look up the lyrics there's a bunch of references to things like epinephrine and other neurotransmitters.

    Crayon Pop are officially science geeks and I love them for it!
  17. I'm pretty obsessed with FM. could be my favourite K-pop song so far.
  18. It's so good! Love the other songs in the Mini too, HaPaTaKa is everything!
  19. Yeah it's a great EP
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