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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Island, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Last night's episode was incredible. So glad Valencia finally got a storyline... and her song had me rolling.
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  2. Valencia continues to shine. The four main girls are my favourite still but Daryl and Nathaniel are great too.

    Also the Valanica's song was great. Is it me who think it was a parody of fight song? Might be reading way into that.
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  3. Valencia had me screaming this episode.
  4. I'm loving what the show is doing this season, but it's moving so fast that I don't know if it's hitting me as hard as it should. I guess part of it is on purpose to underline Rebecca's erratic behavior, but I still feel like it's skipped some beats to get to this point. There's a whole episode missing about Valencia's feelings about Rebecca and Paula sabotaging her relationship with Josh, I feel like Rebecca's revenge plot could have lasted at least half a season. And the Robert revelation ended up being more of a side-note, given its prominence in last season's finale.

    I get that they have a limited amount of storytelling space within 13 episodes; season 2 skipped some beats too (especially how quickly Valencia became a part of the gang), and I respect that McKenna/Bloom didn't want to take Rebecca's revenge plot to a place of villainy she couldn't come back from.

    There's probably a lot more story to tell this season, but it does feel like a missed opportunity, especially as this type of melodrama lends itself naturally to some great pop songwriting. Which I guess is my biggest gripe with this season overall: there's been way too many "inspirational" musical theatre ballads and not enough pop songs.

    As the theme song notes, the "crazy" scorned ex is a really common trope within pop music and I feel like we've missed out on an angry "Don't Hurt Yourself"/"My Happy Ending"/(insert your fave Pop Girl Break-Up Misandrist Anthem here) like number about Rebecca's heartbreak and anger over Josh. I guess it's still possible that we might get a "So What!" or "Since U Been Gone" like song about how over Josh Rebecca is, but there's something to be said for that type of woman scorned pop/rock banger that I'm not sure the show will be able to do as effectively now, as Rebecca's already come to the realization that "it wasn't about Josh anyway."

    I'm glad the show is treating mental health issues with empathy and understanding, instead of sensationalizing them, but when you get Joseph Khan to direct an episode, I think you're allowed to indulge a bit.

    I probably shouldn't be too worried about the show shooting its wad prematurely though, it has consistently managed to surprise me. But for the first time in three seasons it's driving without a road map now that it has moved past its own premise. As McKenna/Bloom have said they have a four season plan for the show, I'm curious to see where the show will get its dramatic urgency from now on.
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  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    I'm curious as well, as much as I loved the past few episodes they did make me wonder if they knew this would be their last season and they rushed things because of that. But then nothing in interviews indicates that, so I'm guessing there's still a lot more of story to tell.
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  6. What a brilliant, beautiful episode.
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    Also, the show's always been pretty good at avoiding the predictable.
    Things you expect to be a huge deal get solved in 1 episode, while things you feel that are done turn out to have a lot more consequences in the long run. I don't think the Robert thing is completely over.
    (Also, rewatching season 1 currently there were so many tiny 'clues' like the house being 'on fire' on her housewarming invitation!)
    And I kinda love that I have absolutely no clue where they'll go next. An entire season of revenge could have been entertaining but they already mentioned in interviews how Rebecca wanted to be this big bad vengeful girl but at the same time isn't capable of it. I have no idea what story they have left to tell but their '4 season plan' always gave me faith they know exactly what they're onto, and I do love that there's hardly any fun filler comedy episodes that don't move the plot.
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  8. I'm kind of impressed by how stable the ratings are this season. It's in an earlier timeslot, without a lead-in and it's actually up in viewers (0.56 last season versus 0.63 this season) while flat in the demo. Some weeks it's even beat Jane The Virgin in total viewers. I guess the Netflix deal has helped the show grow its viewers, at least somewhat. If it was able to get renewed last season with 450.000 viewers at one point, I think it'll be just fine this time around.
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    They really got to stay around because reviews/nominations were great making the CW look good I believe. And thusfar I feel this season might get just as good responses.
    I really want to see their full 4-season-plot now (and not them extending it for a season 5 because they can! I like the idea they always had a plan of a story to be told and that's exactly what they'll do)
  10. I like the idea that we've been conditioned to watch the show as a "rom-com" centered around her pursuit of Josh, but as Bloom/McKenna have said, the Rebecca/Paula relationship is the real love story of this show. As of now, "Josh Is Irrelevant." I wonder where they'll take Rebecca/Paula as a duo now that they don't have any schemes to pull off together. It's going to be interesting to see what they do with it; maybe now Rebecca will try to assert herself more in the lives of her friends, pull off schemes in their favor. It's clear that Rebecca isn't the only character on the show struggling with issues and I'm sure the show won't make it look like Rebecca will "never have problems again", despite finally having a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Like a friend of mine once told me, mental illness and depression isn't something you "get through", it's something you have to live with. There's still drama and tension in that.

    Yeah, that and the Netflix deal kind of makes the live ratings irrelevant. As long as there's buzz around the show and people are watching it one way or another, I don't see why The CW would choose to pull the plug now. Unless the lack of Emmys (despite being like the only show from the network nominated this year) makes it seem like an even bigger loser. Who knows how The CW's business model actually works. But whatever they're doing, I'm glad it's giving us this show.
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    Some insight on what's coming up from a Vanity Fair piece:

    One thing you shouldn’t expect to see on the show? A swift recovery. Although many TV series that attempt to depict mental illness end up resolving their characters’ issues swiftly, Brosh McKenna confirmed that Crazy Ex has no such plans when it comes to Rebecca.

    “It’s a very long struggle, and a lot of people pass through it, but it can take a very long time—and Rebecca’s issues are very deep-seated,” Brosh McKenna said. “And she’s just learned about this diagnosis. So going forward for her, it’s trying to take steps forward, but often taking steps backward.”

    One relationship to keep an eye on going forward is the burgeoning one between Rachel and Nathaniel. People just entering recovery are usually advised to avoid starting new relationships—as you may remember from when Greg began treatment for his alcoholism. And for Rebecca, Bloom noted, love itself is a trigger. That dynamic, Bloom said, will inform the latter half of the season and how the two relate to one another. Beyond that, Rebecca’s journey will come down to her personal commitment to making changes.

    “It’s not an easy road,” Bloom said, “and you have to want to change . . . That’s the thing, is, O.K.: Rebecca, you have this diagnosis. You have this roadmap to be happy.” The question going forward, Bloom said, will be what happens when Rebecca chooses to stick to it—and when she shies away from it.

    Full piece:
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  12. The last few episodes have been really tough to watch. I had to deal with a suicide of a close family member last year and the episodes have maybe been a little bit too close to home in regards to the Rebecca story line

    It's still one of my favourite shows on TV but I was a wreck just watching the diagnosis episode. Thank god we had Valencia's song to deliver one of the most outright hilarious songs in the show's already hilarious discography. Gabrielle Ruiz is a revelation and I feel like she's going to be a huge star after the show.
  13. If they have a 4 season long arc, I can't imagine The CW cancelling it now. The buzz is good around it and the awards and nominations completely outdo the rest of the CW put together. I think the full story will definitely be told.

    I'm low-key here for the final song in the final episode being a big We're All In This Together style cheese fest.
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    It seems like as we speak a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sing-a-long fest is happening:
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    This looks like the best night out ever.
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    This cast people. Everything.
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    New song:

    The response from the rest of the cast!!
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  19. Valencia stealing the show in this week's episode warmed my heart! She and Heather really are the show's unsung heroes.
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    The airhostess also being the butter commercial voice is perfect.
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