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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Wuming01, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. On track to have a 5% 2nd weekend drop from its opening weekend (which already exceeded expectations) - something basically unheard of outside of holiday weekends.

    As a Singaporean, I loved the movie a fair bit, especially all the familiar settings and little cultural touches. Hearing local dialects and slang in the movie got me feeling some kind of way. Henry Golding also did amazing for his first ever movie role (marry me, pls).
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  2. I can’t wait to see this, I hope it gets a full release i the UK.

    Constance Wu is an absolute star and I hopefully this is the start of a huge A list turn for her.
  3. Saw it last night and it really is just a solid enjoyable film. Nice to see something of its kind really shatter expectations. Wu, Golding and Awkwafina really just came off like total movie stars.
  4. This is one of my favorite films of the year and I'm so happy that it's getting such great reception.
  5. Saw it a second time last night. Holds up. The soundtrack is even more amazing when watching it anew.
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  6. It’s awesome that it has done so well and it’s awesome that they chose to adapt a book with two sequels—the audiences for the next film(s) will already be locked in.

    I loved seeing it on the big screen and it deserves a broad audience. I also left the theater thinking that there were so many fantastic characters with such rich backstories that it was impossible to do them all justice in a 2-hour film. I bet the material would thrive in a limited series or even a regular series.
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  7. It's out in the UK/Ireland on September 14!

  8. I can't wait to see this. It looks so good. And I think Jon Chu is a solid director. He did some of the Step Up films and the Bieber docs.
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  9. I hope it'll get a Belgian release as well.
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  11. This was such a great movie, really liked it.
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  12. Not ashamed to say I’ve already seen it 4 times in 2 weeks.

    That wedding aisle reveal and the Mahjong scene are sobbing moments.

    Awkwafina and Nico Santos stole the film.
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  13. We're definitely getting one, sis.
    Kinepolis has it listed already.
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  14. Awkwafina is such a fucking star. I’m so proud of her, it’s been an amazing year for her career-wise.
  15. I’m so here for her calling Ken Jeong ‘Papawfina’
  16. Crying at the plane scene right next to your boyfriend. Ugh feels.
  17. This movie was pure, unfiltered joy. People in my theater literally clapped when it was over. On a Monday. You don't get grouchy American workerbees to clap for much of anything on a Monday.
  18. Uno


    Just saw this last night. It was cute.

    Awkwafina kept giving me Cut To The Feeling-vibes with that terrible wig.
  19. I really wanted to like it and it was cute but relatively dull. A very likeable cast, Constance Wu is such a star.
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  20. I thought this was a dreadfully mediocre movie considering its 94%(!) Rotten Tomatoes score, a score that seems founded more on politics than the quality of the movie. I'm glad its doing well simply because of the politics that is inherently tied to it but I wish it was a better movie too.

    It just had no real bite. Neither funny enough to be a great comedy nor compelling enough to be a good drama. I just expected so much more on both counts.

    The best scene in the whole movie is when the female protagonist visits her friends house (who was easily the best thing about the movie and should ideally have been in every scene.) It was funny and I thought that was the point at which the whole thing would finally take off but no. Lots of limp scenes followed with no real spark - the house party, the stag and hen do's - all ripe with comedic or dramatic potential but mostly just....existing.

    The whole dramatic conflict with the mother and family just fell flat for me as well. I wanted to see or hear something cutting, something manipulative, something truly cold or calculating. What we got was a mother acting slightly cold and unhappy, and a damp squib of a reveal about the female protagonist towards the end.

    Bizarrely the movie was peppered with a subplot about an affair involving two characters who we barely even got a chance to know. I kept wondering why on earth I should give a shit about it when I knew practically nothing about either character. We must have seen them for a couple of minutes at most before the subplot kicked in? You can't just expect the audience to care if they don't even know the characters first.

    Overall it was anything but crazy. More milquetoast and predictable. Not even close to standing amongst the best of the romantic comedy genre, which its reception seemed to indicate to me.
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