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Create the ULTIMATE Album for your fave

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by scottdisick94, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. So imagine instead of your fave having the long and prosperous career they inevitably have had, they instead have had a Lauryn Hill type career and have only released ONE album. What songs would you pick to be on it if it's the only album they ever released in this alternative universe?

    It's kinda like a Greatest Hits I suppose, but feel free to ignore any hits you hate and to include any B-sides you love, and put it in album form. If you're that enthused, why not even choose the singles!?

    SO this is Queen B's one and only album:

    1. Crazy In Love (feat. Jay-Z)
    2. Creole
    3. Get Me Bodied (Extended)
    4. Freakum Dress
    5. Irreplaceable
    6. Resentment
    7. End Of Time
    8. Baby Boy (feat. Sean Paul)
    9. Save The Hero
    10. Halo
    11. Single Ladies
    12. A Woman Like Me
    13. Schoolin Life
    14. Countdown
    15. Run The World
    16. Love On Top

    1. Crazy In Love
    2. Single Ladies
    3. Irreplaceable
    (Album Release)
    4. Get Me Bodied (Extended)
    5. Resentment
    6. Schoolin Life

    It becomes the most successful album of all time selling in excess of 100 billion copies, and every single is #1 for two years
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  2. Ooft, I'm definitely going to get cracking on making my ultimate version of I Am... Dangerously In Love with Sasha Fierce's 4th B'Day.
  3. Björk

    Army Of Me (Sucker Punch Remix)
    Pagan Poetry
    Desired Constellation
    Mutual Core
    Sod Off
    Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches And Guacamol Remix)
    All Is Full Of Love (Video Version)
    Harm Of Will
    The Anchor Song

    Each track is released as a single and they dominate the top 14 for 500 years.

    1 Woodcabin
    2 Sylvie
    3 Girl VII
    4 Sycamore
    5 Marble Lions
    6 Red Setter
    7 Absolute Beginners
    8 Kiss And Make Up
    9 Tonight
    10 Stars Above Us
    11 Spring (Beta mix)
    12 He's On The Phone
    13 Hobart Paving
    14 Finisterre
    15 Method of Modern Love (Richard X mix)

    Singles: Kiss And Make Up, Stars Above Us, He's On The Phone, Sylvie. All miss the top 40.
  5. The Saturdays - Higher

    1. Get Ready Get Set
    2. Not Giving Up
    3. White Lies
    4. Karma
    5. What About Us
    6. Faster
    7. Chasing Lights
    8. Keep Her
    9. My Heart Takes Over
    10. Gentlemen
    11. Notorious
    12. Disco Love
    13. Lose Control
    14. All Fired Up
    15. Ego
    16. Higher

    1. Higher
    2. White Lies
    (Album Release)
    3. Keep Her
    4. Get Ready Get Set
    5. Faster
  6. Britney Spears

    ...Baby One More Time
    Early Mornin' (Jason Nevins Mix)
    He About To Lose Me (Femme Fatale Tour - Studio)
    Don't Go Knockin' On My Door
    Unusual You
    Piece Of Me
    Womanizer (X-Factor Remix)
    (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix)
    Touch Of My Hand
    Breathe On Me
    Gimmie More
    Can't Make You Love Me
    Dear Diary

    - long ass album.
  7. Lady Gaga

    Bad Romance
    Sexxx Dreams
    Poker Face
    Bad Kids
    Government Hooker
    Born This Way
    Do What You Want (feat. R.Kelly)
    Dance In The Dark
    You and I
    Heavy Metal Lover
    Marry The Night
    The Edge Of Glory

    Born This Way
    Bad Romance
    Dance In The Dark
    Marry The Night
  8. Sarah Harding - One Woman Army

    1. Pretty Little Psycho ( Porcelain Black Cover)
    2. Mannequin Factory ( Porcelain Black Cover)
    3. Naughty Naughty ( Porcelain Black Cover)
    4. How Do You Love Someone Featuring Professor Green ( Porcelain Black Cover)
    5. Rich Boi ( Porcelain Black Cover)
    6. Mama Forgive Me ( Porcelain Black Cover)
    7. One Woman Army ( Porcelain Black Cover)
    8. Pretty Little Psycho ( Porcelain Black Cover)
    9. Trouble (Neon Jungle Cover)
    10. Addicted to Love ( Robert Palmer Cover)
  9. GaGa

    01. "Bad Romance"
    02. "Born This Way"
    03. "Just Dance"
    04. "Aura"
    05. "Telephone"
    06. "Government Hooker"
    07. "Poker Face"
    08. "G.U.Y."
    09. "Heavy Metal Lover"
    10. "Fashion of His Love"
    11. "Hair"
    12. "ARTPOP"
    13. "Paparazzi"
    14. "Eh Eh"
    15. "Americano"
    16. "Alejandro"
    17. "Judas"
    18. "Swine"
    19. "Gypsy"
    20. "Summerboy"
  10. Lady Gaga

    1. Manifesto Of Mother Monster (Intro)
    2. Bad Romance
    3. Scheiße
    4. Bloody Mary
    5. So Happy I Could Die
    6. Paparazzi
    7. MANiCURE
    8. Dirty Ice Cream
    9. Sexxx Dreams
    10. Dance In The Dark
    11. Venus
    12. Heavy Metal Lover
    13. Alejandro
    14. Poker Face
    15. The Edge Of Glory
  11. Flockheart

    Flockheart Guest

  12. Interesting thread, I'll be doing a Gaga one at some point...

    1. Brave
    2. Bleeding Love
    3. Love Letter
    4. Collide
    5. Outta My Head
    6. Glassheart
    7. Come Alive
    8. Don't Let Me Down
    9. I See You
    10. Run
    11. Better In Time
    12. Fingerprint
    13. Colourblind
    14. Alive
    15. Fireflies


    1. Since You Been Gone
    2. I Do Not Hook Up
    3. Take Me High
    4. I Forgive You
    5. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
    6. Gone
    7. You Can't Win
    8. The War Is Over
    9. Sober
    10. Run Run Run
    11. People Like Us
    12. You Found Me
    13. Addicted
    14. Already Gone
    15. Behind These Hazel Eyes
    16. Catch My Breath
    17. Breakaway
  14. CHERYL
    1. Intro
    2. Live Life Now
    3. Waiting
    4. Heaven
    5. 3 Words
    6. Rain On Me
    7. Waiting For Lightning
    8. Promise This
    9. Firecracker
    10. Fight For This Love
    11. Crazy Stupid Love
    12. Call My Name
    13. Sexy Den A Mutha
    14. I Don't Care

    Singles being Call My Name, Sexy Den A Mutha, Waiting and I Don't Care.
  15. Shania Twain

    1. Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
    2. Up!
    3. Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)
    4. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
    5. Any Man Of Mine
    6. You're Still The One
    7. Forever And For Always
    8. C'est La Vie
    9. Whatever You Do! Don't!
    10. When
    11. Honey, I'm Home
    12. Come On Over
    13. From This Moment On

    Having typed this up, I realised that Come On Over is a pretty much perfect album anyway and can't really be improved, but oh well. Up! deserves some more love.
  16. Perhaps of a slightly different flavour. This is basically my playlist for these guys.

    The Triffids - Between Ourselves and the End at Hand
    1. Wide Open Road
    2. Red Pony
    3. Blinder By the Hour
    4. Chicken Killer
    5. Hell of a Summer
    6. The Seabirds
    7. Butterflies Into Worms
    8. Lonely Stretch
    9. Bury Me Deep In Love
    10. Hanging Shed
    11. Tarrilup Bridge
    12. Once a Day
    13. A Trick of the Light
    14. Jerdacuttup Man
    15. Just Might Fade Away
    16. Goodbye Little Boy
    17. Rosevel
    18. New Years' Greetings
    19. Better Off This Way
    20. Save What You Can
  17. 1. Sexy! No No No
    2. Close To Love
    3. Girl Overboard
    4. Call The Shots
    5. Untouchable
    6. Graffiti My Soul
    7. The Show
    8. Intro/Models
    9. Biology
    10. Wild Horses
    11. Watch Me Go
    12. Control of the Knife
    13. Swinging London Town
    14. Sound of the Underground

  18. Selena Gomez

    1. The Heart Wants What It Wants (With Intro)
    2. Middle Of Nowhere
    3. My Dilemma
    4. A Year Without Rain
    5. Who Says
    6. Off The Chain
    7. Slow Down
    8. Naturally
    9. Falling Down
    10. Undercover
    11. Spotlight
    12. Nobody Does It Like You
    13. Love You Like A Love Song
    14. Birthday
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I like this!


    1. Overload
    2. Run for Cover
    3. Conversation's Over
    4. Too Lost in You
    5. Stronger
    6. Round Round
    7. Freak Like Me
    8. In the Middle
    9. Hole in the Head
    10. Caught in a Moment
    11. Follow Me Home
    12. Red Dress
    13. No Can Do
    14. Sunday Rain
    15. Ace Reject
    16. Push the Button

    Singles: Freak Like Me, Run for Cover, Round Round, Push the Button, Too Lost in You, Red Dress, Stronger
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