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Cruel Intentions

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Hags, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. the worst way. And I’ve never gotten around to watching 3.
  2. I have absolutely zero time for any of the sequels.
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Why have I not seen this pilot? GAH.
  4. Still wishing everyday that a streaming service would pick the show up. This CANNOT be the end.
  5. I used to own it on DVD and when friends came around we just used to watch the dirty bits. It is genuinely probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

    95% of Cruel Intentions 2 is actually incredibly tame and boring. Because it was made for US network TV there's actually no swearing, nudity, sex or innuendo for most of the movie. You can tell that when the TV show was canned, they then went away and shot some random R rated stuff so they could splice it into the existing footage and release it as a standalone movie.

    The movie also literally makes zero sense. Because it is a mixture of scenes from the pilot and new scenes, whole characters and storylines are introduced and then dropped and never mentioned ever again. For example there's a thread where Sebastian goes on a date with this girl and when they say goodbye at the end of the night she realises that he has accidentally left his jacket with her and gives the jacket this knowing look. Where does this lead? Who knows, we never see the girl again! The entire scene was completely pointless! This goes for nearly all of the family members who each hint at having stories that ultimately lead to nothing.

    The 'twist' at the end is clearly shoehorned in and their motivations make absolutely no sense in the context of the rest of the movie. It's also pretty racist - there is a chef from somewhere in Eastern Asia presumably, and whenever he appears there's a stereotypical 'bong' sound effect. Cringe. The DVD also came with a trailer for the movie which, hilariously, is made up of about 50% scenes which do not actually appear in the final version.

    The only real reason to watch it, apart from pure car crash value, is to see a schoolgirl masturbating by rubbing herself against a horse in the middle of a New York park in broad daylight and wondering how on earth anyone thought this was ok at any point.

    I would assume that Amy Adams has long since scrubbed off her CV the moment where she started ordering a schoolgirl to really grind herself into a horse's saddle while cracking a whip in her hand.
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  6. Amy Adams - officially less good at playing Katherine Merteuil than Sarah Michelle Gellar. And Amy wasn't that good in Buffy.
  7. Loved this film...The ending is just phenomenal and I get goosebumps form watching it. Kathryn being exposed for who she was is just priceless, you kinda feel for her but kinda glad she got caught.
  8. From the makers of the new I Know What You Did Last Summer show which looks pretty crap? They need to stop messing with queen Sarah's flawless filmography!

  9. Coming next - stunt casting of identical twins from TikTok in a reboot of "Ringer" because they couldn't find an actress able to play two parts as well as Sarah.

    (Yeah, I know, the next thing we're getting out of Sarah is more adverts for dishwasher detergent in all probability)
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