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Cruel Youth (Teddy Sinclair) - EP & Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by C Slayclair, May 19, 2016.

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  2. taking the first post incase I need to post more
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  3. Oh my god, Diamond Days is sublime. Dammit, Teddy.
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  4. I can't wait for the EP
  5. updated the OP with MR.WATSON'S OFFICIAL RELEASE
  6. What is that bizarre, revisionist BBC interview about? ("She posted a song online and caught the attention...").

    I'm glad she's back to a normal speaking voice anyway. And these songs are actually really good.
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  7. Here for this.
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  8. The optimism.
  9. I didn't care for her when she was Natalia Kills, but I'm strangely here for Teddy Sinclair and Cruel Youth. Both of the tracks are very impressive and I like the fact that it doesn't sound cheap like her previous work.

    I wonder if she did any other work with Riri.
  10. Since she changed her name again, she could of at least changed her image a little.
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  11. How many name changes does this make now, anyway? 6? 7?
  12. We're on, including Natalia Kills;
    • Verbal
    • Verbalicious
    • Verse
    • Natalia Noemi Cappuccino
    • Teddy Sinclair
  13. I'm pretty sure she used Natalia Keery-Fisher when she was a child actress too.

    And Natalia Cappuccini for the Womannequin EP.
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  14. Oh my god you're right.
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  15. This thread.......

    @C Slayclair you're Natalia aren't you
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  16. In 2003 she went by Candy Rapper.

    The optimism in that article... I hope she makes it.

    Mr Watson remains great.
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  17. 'She's going to be the next big thing, Britain's Eminem."

  18. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wut.
  19. I wish I lived in the alternate dimension where Natalia Kills was Princess Amidala.
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