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Cruel Youth (Teddy Sinclair) - EP & Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by C Slayclair, May 19, 2016.

  1. Eradicate every piece of hair on my body, queen.
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  2. That's Ari
  3. Wow, she really does sort of look like her... eerie.

    (I low key hope that's a pun on Eerie).
  4. Snippet of some new Cruel Youth music here:

    The real queen of darkpop is coming.
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  5. Nn not her own fan account using her necronym.
  6. I would love to be excited but I'm more concerned that she'll drop a single or two and then disappear for another year.
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  7. In a perfect World she'd be able to just go into "Natalia Kills" and get her Third Album out. At least that was the name that got more music out nn.

    And honestly, I think every name also changed a bit on the music itself and... Natalia Kills "persona" is still my favorite. Not everyone will have a record like Trouble under their belt.
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  8. Yes, Cruel Youth's EP was good but Natalia Kills was the her best project in my opinion. She has such a great ear for pop melodies, her songwriting is on point and she has charisma for days.
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  9. "One day I'll wake and the world might forget to hate me
    No one'll care, like I'm not even worth erasing."
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  10. The drip feed continues.

    She has a song in a Hulu film called Big Time Adolescence. Listen from 0:58 for parts of the new song.

  11. Two recent leaks:

  12. Those snippets sound perfect!! I'm scalped.

  13. These are a little Tove Lo-ish. Interesting.
  14. Will she ever release something else?
    I need her voice in my life.
  15. RMK


    I feel like she must be leaking this herself, to be honest.
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  16. Dddd what is going on.
  17. Yas leak the album.
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  18. Is there an album though? I haven't kept up with Cruel Youth but to me it sounds like she's stuck in the studio writing and recording without a clear intent. Isn't she indipendent? If she had a finished album I guess she would just drop it on streaming.
  19. She's been hoarding an album since 2017.

    I swear there was another tweet saying she just didn't feel like releasing it but that might've been made up in my mind I don't know anymore.
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