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Cruel Youth (Teddy Sinclair) - EP & Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by C Slayclair, May 19, 2016.

  1. New leak:

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  2. There's stuff tagged as "NK3" I wonder if she was working on new music back them before the XScandal or if she thought about bringing Natalia Kills back for real.

    Was there a full album leak or is it all from that Violet Rose soundcloud?

    Reminds me of Television
  3. I believe it's this
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  4. A SoundCloud called Violet Rose? If that isn't Mrs Sinclair herself... it sounds like something she'd come up with.
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  5. I need Straitjacket to leak now.
  6. RMK



    It's definitely her.

  7. Okay these slap though.
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  8. HQ files of the leaks were posted on that Soundcloud account.
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  9. RMK


    Natalia helping us all out through the quarantine (dd)
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  10. Is she releasing something...?
  11. I miss her.
  12. If Charli can leak fucking Taxi of all songs then miss Sinclair can give us the damn album. Also that clip gives me Verbalicious teas at the end ddd.
  13. This sounds like a bop. Cruel Youth feat. Natalia Kills & Verbalicious.
  14. Natalia Kills #3 would have been lit. Fuck that label.

  15. I agree. These sound so good!
  16. I don't understand. Can't she just put these songs out as an indie album? I think she has enough royalties to fund a release. Maybe not with big videos or promotion, but put them on a CD and print a few copies...
  17. I think the situation is that Interscope own the NK3 stuff. The leaker of these tracks said that she wanted to released a third Kills album after the X Factor, but the label said no. They also said that Interscope owns the Natalia Kills name/brand.

    The album is still supposed to be coming this year, with a new single very soon.
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  18. She is so talented and I'm so mad she shot herself in the foot with the X Factor stuff. Madness sounds incredible.
  19. I know it's so annoying and it was over something so ridiculous.
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