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Cruising with Jane McDonald / Jane and Friends (certified BAFTA winning TV gold)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. I love this. It airs on Channel 5. A new series starts tomorrow at 9pm.

    Jane is actually really funny. Although the show is meant to be about cruising a lot of it is her just talking complete sh*t (usually because she's had a few drinks) or asking any man she meets if he's married.

    I've seen a few previous episodes over the past few months and it's a little like guilty-pleasure-car-crash TV at it's best. I recommend.

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  2. I’m in.
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  3. I have seen bits of this, doesn't she do like a music video at the end?
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  4. Low-key the best show on telly. Can we live post it tomorrow?
  5. It’s actually a real ratings winner for 5. I think each episode gets over a million viewers which is a hell of a lot for that channel.

    The early episodes are best, felt more genuine and real. I think they have caught onto the fact that the gays live for this show and the last few episodes, particularly the Xmas special relied too much on cheap innuendo.

    However Jane is fabulous as always.
  6. I forgot about that. Yes! It's hilarious.
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  7. Is anyone else here?

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  8. Me

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  9. Risqué themes

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  10. Giving the gays everything they want!

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  11. This is a different kind of cruising than I’m used to on a Friday night, but so far so lit.
  12. I love how Jane has spent the last 2 or 3 years claiming to be ''sugar free'' but sinks copious amounts of wine and cocktails and always munches down all the food she can.
  13. Relatable.

    Gloria Pink better have asked Jane for a signed photo for the wall.
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  14. She's basically me, just in a fancier ballgown.
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  15. A mud treatment while wearing a white towel is giving me anxiety.

    Edit: oh wait, it’s chocolate?
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  16. Jane looks snatched!
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  17. Jane won't eat the chocolate because of the sugar, but she will guzzle down a bottle of champers...
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  18. Dddd now eating ice cream.

    Jane, sis...
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  19. Buttery mashed potato and gravy ice cream

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  20. Speed painting looks lit
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