Cruz Beckham - If Every Day Was Christmas

This is shameful from the Beckham's. He's like 10?

How exactly is it shameful?

Add this to the things that are making me think a LOT less of David and Victoria.

People should not brand their children, or have them pursing such potentially troubling industries at such young ages.

If it's 'just a bit of fun', buy them a mic and garageband and let them do some discovering, absolutely. Do not buy them studio time with Darkchild. Where is the merit in that? Just wrong.

You seem really cut up about this. The Beckhams are the last people in earth in need of extra cash or attention. The kids have grown up seeing their parents thrive in different industries and they're now getting at an age where they're becoming self-oriented individuals enough to want to try and do things of their own. I hardly believe the kid is being put the wringer like some overworked child star being milked by an evil industry, he knocked this out in one afternoon after school because he wanted to. You want to feel sorry feel sorry for ARK Music Factory and everyone on the Nickelodeon & Disney rosters.