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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. 3 new gay-ish shows across ch4, e4 and 4od.

    I just caught the first eps of Cucumber and Banana and thought they were pretty entertaining, funny and true to life. It's nice having a gay british show back on tv. Can't believe it's been 16 years since QaF.
  2. It was all very cliche "gay", right down to Kylie.

    Thought Cucumber was much better than Banana.
  3. On Banana, I really don't like the Dean character, they better explain/develop the story about why he is such a narcissistic prick. I like his housemate though, I look forward to finding out more about him. On cucumber, I prefered this of the two. Was a little bit slow to get going but the second half was fantastic, the Kylie scene and the threesome were brilliantly done.
  4. So, E4's doing a drama called Banana where every episode revolves around a different character?

    So, E4 did a drama called Skins where every episode revolved around a different character?

    Hilarious. I can't wait for Banana Skins. Crossover of the year.
  5. Sam


    Both were incredible, haven't laughed so much at a show in ages!

    [sub][sup]I am literally Dean.~[/sup][/sub]
  6. Thought Cucumber was awful so didn't bother with Banana.

    Also what's with the crunch sound when they eat a banana? ummm.
  7. It all felt pretty out of touch.
    It had such a play-pretend feel. You could feel the staging of the scrip. It was very much a gay fantasy, just like QAF was.

    It wasn't the most horrible thing in the world, but when you have a show like 'Looking' that seems very tapped into this generation of gay people, I don't really know if there's a need for a show like this.
  8. It's gay Skins essentially.
    I enjoyed them both, but did anyone bother with Tofu? I'm guessing it's nothing to do with Cucumber/Banana.
  9. I thought they were both quite problematic. Russell T. Davis clearly has a hard time writing gay men that are not OBSESSED with sex. It's doing nothing for stereotyping, and a lack of good characters that just happen to be gay on UK television. Queer as Folk was ground-breaking, it needed to be shocking. These don't need to encourage the same notions that QAF did, it needs to move forward.

    We don't all sit around grabbing our crotches in the middle of a taxi office. We don't all watch waiters cum shot video in the middle of a bar, with the bartender then bowing after recognition, things like this just don't happen. I preferred Cucumber to Banana, at least Cucumber has a post-QAF idea of older gay men, still gravitating towards Canal Street while out of touch. Banana's main character was just utterly unlikeable. He's definitely an existing young gay "trope", but why always focus on that type of gay person? The entire scene with his family was bizarre. Are people that animalistic with Grindr? Jesus.

    I'll watch it again next week, but I was unimpressed. I'm hoping that they pushed the controversial materiel for the first episodes, and more actual characterization comes later. Even by the previews, it already looks like the lesbian portion of Banana will be better represented, which always happens.

    As dull as it is, Looking tackles gay men better, if only the UK could have something similar.
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  10. The lead character in Banana was completely unlikeable. I remember being overdramatic and narcissistic in similar ways when I was around 14 or 15 (maybe if the character was meant to be around that age it wouldn't be so off putting) but by 19/20 like this character is you should be growing out of that. He needs to get his crap together and stop pretending his life is so hard when clearly it isn't nearly as terrible as he's making out to his friends. It's him that is making it difficult for himself. His poor family.

    Cucumber was interesting with the older characters, it is good to see broader representation in that respect, but the way they preyed on the waiter through his Grindr and Tumblr while being served and their behaviour in the taxi office was just bizarre.
  11. It did annoy me that it was just centred around sex - I found Cucumber a lot more enjoyable as it presented a different side of gay life than is normally shown on TV. I hated Banana, Dean was intolerable. Thankfully it shifts focus every week so I'll give it another shot.
  12. Cucumber was depressing and utterly cringeworthy. Banana has potential I guess, with the stories changing focus every week, but considering the absolutely charmless protagonist of this episode seems to have a relatively central role in Cucumber, it doesn't bode well.
  13. I'm not watching it because I can tell that I'm going to hate it just by Russell T Davies claims that it is 'all about sex'. Backward-thinking, short-sighted, reductive and othering are words that come to mind but I won't bother going there because I've not actually seen it. I might watch it fifteen years later like I did with Queer as Folk when I can watch it retro-ironically and guffaw at the horrific acting.
  14. I watched it earlier and wasn't particularly impressed. It wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't at all realistic or representative of anything. It just felt kind of pointless to be honest.
  15. The Ryan Reynolds scene was awful. Was it meant to be funny or arousing? It was neither - just plain embarrassing.
  16. Thats when I switched off. Did it get better? I thought it was throughly ludicrous. I can't believe that was written, scrip edited, shot, edited again and they still thought it was either a.shocking b.arousing c.comical? they certainly couldn't of thought it was realistic. Awful.
  17. I've watched all three. Cucumber had a couple of funny moments, which makes it the winner by default. The other two had no redeeming qualities at all. Banana was boring and Dean is completely unlikable, to say the least. All three of the programmes present gay people as sex-obsessed, bitchy and shallow. If anyone has a direct address for Russell T Bloody Davies, then feel free to pass it on, because I would love to send him a letter. Thanks!

    Why are we continuing to reinforce this stereotype surrounding gay men?! I really wanted to like these programmes but there was no heart to them at all. Apparently we all have sex on the brain 24/7 and we only think of ourselves. Fucking hell. Awful!

    Tofu is the worst of the three. What exactly is the point of this programme? 'Oooh, let's talk graphically about sex, because that's SO new and edgy!'.
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  18. I didn't actually think either Cucumber or Banana were that bad (note: I'm certainly not saying I thought they were particularly good mind you), but I was very tired at the time, and maybe less critical than normal.

    My main thought was that while Queer as Folk seemed important and (though I hate the term) ground breaking at the time (though I was at school, with very little access to gay media, so maybe it just seemed ground breaking to me) this really didn't. I kind of wanted it to push the envelope a bit more.
  19. I found cucumber rather uncomfortable to watch, because of the lecherous portrayal of older gay men. I'm 23 and the whole episode felt so out of touch and like they were trying to recreate the hedonistic vibe of 'Queer as Folk' but it fell flat and I found myself cringing profusely. I'll stick to the genuinley great 'Looking'.
  20. KAG


    I found the Andrew Hayden-Smith scene in 'Banana' really uncomfortable. CBBC PRESENTERS SHOULDN'T BE INTO SEX!1!!!1
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