Cunk on Earth (BBC 2/iPlayer mockumentary starring Diane Morgan)

Very good

The show is the latest to feature Diane Morgan’s fictional, airheaded TV presenter Philomena Cunk — a character who first appeared on Charlie Brooker’s satirical current affairs programme Weekly Wipe almost 10 years ago. Brooker has since moved on to bigger (and not necessarily better things) at Netflix, but he returns to co-write this latest Cunk spin-off in which she (mis)guides us through the entire story of human civilisation in five relentlessly funny episodes. If Cunk’s vapid, uninformed schtick is something of a one-note gag, then it’s one that continues to have perfect pitch.

I’m so excited to watch this. I’m currently rewatching Cunk on Britain for the hundredth time and cackling.

I’d love to have a behind the scenes/bloopers video to see how it’s all done. I can’t believe that the professors and historians she speaks to think she’s a genuine interviewer.
Only just watching this and I haven’t laughed so much in ages! I had to keep rewinding as the gags are so thick and fast I miss them for laughing too much. And then it’s laughs on top of laughs and I can’t cope I have to pause as my belly can’t take it. Do not attempt to eat and drink while watching this!

Icon indeed.