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Cupcakke - Ephorize

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. I was just gonna come in here and say this ddd. I think it's one of her best songs ever.
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  2. I thought I came but I peed on the dick
    Pubic hair got inches, that's weave on the dick
    Pussy like a tree, it got leaves on the shit
    Bang bang this pussy, Chief Keef with the dick
    Climbing on that dick, need a 10 feet ladder
    I love the D, that's my favorite letter
    My nudes in your phone, takin' up your data
    My cakes got fatter by using cum as the batter


    I just...
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  3. This cat got nine lives so we got nine rounds
    until this pussy getting buried

    There is no time this album isn't ahead of!
  4. Queen strikes again.
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  5. Her rapid ascension into critical/blog darling warms my heart. It's what she deserves.
  6. Face covered in cum
    My mama thought it was a soap mask

    Spoiled Milk Titties. Instant classic. When will your faves? Etc.
  7. Park your dick in my garage is also worth a mention.
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  8. Can this woman get her rate please? I mean, how amazing would that be!
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  9. I went through a Cupcakke appreciation phase last night, it's true. She rocks
  10. "Crayons" is a BOP but that awkward instrumental break before the last chorus is crying out for an iconic 15 second Kim Petras verse.

  11. Ru stans CupcakKe. Legends only.
  12. "I thought I came but I peed on the dick" is such a fucking evocative, transporting, IDGAF, start of a song. Her lyrical skill is unmatched in the industry. Who would've thought that, otherwise disgusting ass line, would transport us into her ongoing coital pursuit of the dick. Her intent and agency is laser focused. Elizabeth is a true poet!
  13. Someone suggested she would be a great guest judge for Drag Race when Number 1 Angel was released but I think we all assumed it was a long shot. This has me a little shook.
  14. Ru confirming his 'Comeback Coroner bae but will discover one new act every 6 months because cardio' status is cute.
  15. Fuck I thought this was about Dua’s song at first and tried to recall her singing that line
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  16. Night of 1000 Cupcakkes. The costumes!!!!
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  17. Yeah, Ru stanning isn't exactly a glowing seal of approval...

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  18. I cant believe she got her first charted album..#6 at NZ heatseekers album chart
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  19. Iggy is shaking
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