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Cupcakke - Ephorize

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Iggy's first album performance is far from shaking
  2. Please stop.
  3. The kii being that I used to frequent the Iggy thread before both of y'all even signed up to this forum.
  4. You mean her only album?
  5. White man in disrespectful and ignorant shocker.
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  7. The Duck Duck Goose video is out! Lemme tuck it under a spoiler tag 'cause it is

    N. S. F. W.

    You've been warned.

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  8. Not Safe For Whites yas!
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  9. Duck Duck Goose is vintage cupcakKe. I was gonna say that she could've had a more imaginative video but then I was like, "nah, dildo imagery is so fun". Let's hope it becomes viral.
  10. I love it. Wish we could get a beautiful special vinyl edition of the album with marble swirl in purple and bright blue.
  11. dddd that tired ass wig she has on when she's wearing the goose(?) onesie and the video effects are a mess but the video is a kii overall.
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  12. Relatable queen
  13. Truly the Best Dick Sucker.
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  14. The dildo sucking. The ducky nipple tassels. Her boobs bouncing in time to the beat. All iconic.

    Reading that back I probably should have done a better job of hiding my phone screen watching it on the bus home.
  15. It's a terrible video.

    I haven't enjoyed a video this much in years.
  16. I need therapy and a new wig.
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  17. Ok, so you know on Duck Duck Goose when Cupcakke says:

    tap the head of the dick, duck duck duck goose
    get the dick up and running when he f*ck this cooch

    Yeah, so it's just like when an engine gets going and it's 'up and running' right? But ALSO when you play Duck Duck Goose you literally stand up and run around when you get tapped on the head.

    Queen of 4D chess; she's coming for the charts AND the presidency.
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  18. My wig was so lost after that video I had to put it on the side of a milk carton. Has anyone seen it?

    Still can't believe she had the nerve to drop the album of the year two weeks in.
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  19. Video of the year; 2018 is cancelled. When will your faves play with didlos in their videos?

    Cardi who? Nicki where? Lil Kim what?

    The only thing that could have possibly topped this is if she stuck the solids on random objects out in public. The promotion possibilities are endless!
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