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Cupcakke - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Oh she looks amazing.
  2. I’ve been thirsting for new Cupcakke. I’ve been hammering Ripe but features can only go so far. Still, a taint slammer:

  3. Her rapping is on point as usual, but sis, that bootleg Humble by Kendrick Lamar beat...I’m not so sure
  4. She ate that beat.
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  5. She ain't have to body these heauxs like this. My jaw dropped throughout the entirety of "Grilling N-----." She came for blood and necks.
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  6. So happy to have her back! She looks and sounds amazing. So many great lines. Is that her singing voice towards the end of Lawd Jesus?
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  7. Queen has dropped an absolute BOP on her birthday and is donating half the profits to the Minneapolis Freedom Fund.

  8. Lemon Pepper goes all the way off! And the production actually doesn't sound super cheap!
  9. Grillin, Lawd Jesus and Lemon Pepper are her firing on all cylinders. They're fantastic
  10. Lemon Pepper is the one.

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  11. Lemon Pepper is everything I didn't know I needed. It Goes AWF!
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  12. Lemon Pepper goes all the way off, but Grilling N*****s is that girl. I'm obsessed.
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  13. "Fuck 12, no pedophilia". A queen.
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  14. Sounds amazing
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