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Currents/I Like It When/Vega Intl: The 1975 Write Up

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by AshleyKerwin, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. 45. How to Draw- 4.838
    Highest Scorer: @Untouchable Ace (8.4)

    Lowest Scorer: @constantino (1) , @Chezam (1) , Myself (2)

    This is another instrumental song. Well, I should rephrase that. I thought it was another instrumental song but it turns out to have multi tracked vocals from Matty! Oh. The band gave it away for free as a part of a label sampler (let’s hope the other songs are better). The song deals with a lack of fulfillment and anxiety from ennui from not yet learning how to draw (replace with any art form or verb of your choice). Pretty relevant for New Year’s Day, right? It then asks “what if you die with all the cameras?” which probably is referring to flopping in the public eye instead of a kleptomaniac at Best Buy.

    My thoughts: (2) What did The 1975 have against Target? No, but really. I guess without these instrumentals the album would be too similar but I don’t know. I don’t really have anything else to add besides that it reminds me of Sigur Ros and the Mysterious Skin soundtrack.

    @happiestgirl gave it a 3 and put it bluntly, saying “I just don’t like these bland ass instrumentals”. Tell us how you really feel!

    @Remorque (6.5) will be upset to find out this got cut as well, saying “Though the instrumental kinda gives me a shimmer of hope after the last two songs on the main version of the album, I’m still left feeling gutted… “.

    @constantino gave it a 2, adding “Cute but utterly pointless; there are two songs which have the exact same production style and structure, so it adds absolutely nothing to what is already a painfully bloated album.” Well, maybe I wouldn’t say painfully bloated, but yes, this album could use some Pepto Bismol.

    Here’s a video. I guess it hasn’t been performed yet.

    At first I was going to use fan art but then I thought it would be too hard to find the original or if the artist changes their Instagram handle or something so I just found a comically bad drawing where I'm guessing credit isn't needed.​
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  2. I have only heard that song once.
    Was I too generous?
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  3. 44. She Lays Down: 5.338

    Highest Score: @Jwentz (8), @2014 (8)

    Lowest Score: @soratami (0)

    Finally, the first traditional song out of the rate. This song is about Matty’s mother’s experience with post partum depression and cocaine use. Just reading the first paragraph alone is too sad.

    And she lays down on her bedroom floor
    The chemicals that make her laugh
    Don't seem to be working anymore
    She tries her best, but it hurts her chest
    And even though her sun is gone
    She'd like to love her child nevertheless

    Matty himself sounds defeated singing it, beginning with a sigh. NME praises the shift from the rest of the album’s 80’s synth funk sound, citing that the shift to acoustics was unpredictable. According to The 1975 subreddit, this song is listed as an explicit one on iTunes. Spotify is apparently not fond of the drug reference either. And this is complete news to me, but did you know his mom is Denise Welch, who is famous enough for a Wikipedia page? Yikes at me not knowing. She’s an actress and presenter. Most of you probably already knew that. And she was on Celebrity Big Brother as well. Do people ever accuse The 1975 being a nepotism band? Is that a huge thing in Europe?

    Apparently, Denise didn’t know he was gonna write about her and said she found the song really emotional to listen to. At least there seems to be a happy ending, with Denise becoming a mental health advocate and Matty seeming to be close with her and Denise having another son who has an age gap with Matty.

    Although reviewers have compared it to both Bob Dylan and The Beatles, well, it’s only the third track out. I think the lyrics and subject is great, but the acoustic ballad is a format I haven’t enjoyed since…. Liz Phair? Cat Power? I was going to say that it’s not a bad placement but when there are multiple silent interludes left in the rate, yikes.

    My thoughts: (5) Okay, I feel terrible for not liking this song… but yeah. I applaud men writing songs about their mothers and grandmothers, but the quality just makes it not appealing for me. This is too obscure of a reference, but it reminds me of when Degrassi switched their end credits to a male acoustic version of the theme song starting in season 10 instead of just having an instrumental version of it. I hope other people are nicer than me so I don’t feel too bad about it.

    @happiestgirl really is the people’s poster and concisely says “This one just depresses me so I avoid it”, giving it a 4.

    @constantino agrees with the blogs and magazines, rewarding this album closer with a 7: “A cute acoustic moment of whatever. The instrumental switch up from the mostly synth-based production of the rest of the album makes this a nice note to close on.”

    @Remorque (7.5) really has not had a lucky rate so far, saying “Whereas Nana is sweet and honest, this one’s brutally subdued. It’s hitting home a little too much at the moment, given what happened with my mother this summer and our relationship that deteriorated even further…”. I'm sorry to hear that! I hope things work out eventually and you can listen to this one day.

    Here’s a live performance of it.
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  4. One more for today!

    43. The 1975- The 1975 (ILIWYSFYASBYSOI): 5.6

    Highest Score: @inevitable (8)

    Lowest Score: @Chezam (2)

    At first I didn’t know what to think of this song. It sounded nice and 80’s and retro but realizing they had a song on their first album with the same title…. whew, Matty and Co. tried it. And the lyrics? Well.

    Wait, what?

    Thank you MsGillybean12 for cracking the code.

    A lot of you put the brakes on this one, with only Remorque submitting comments for this.

    Remorque deserves a hug after all of this. I can’t wait for the rest of the rate! He gave this song a 7.5, writing “Okay, but why am I swiftly taken aback by this ode to getting a blow job in the car?”.

    See you tomorrow, folks!
  5. Ok but where are the Neon Indian cuts?
  6. It makes sense that we're losing a bunch of 1975 tracks first, their album had like twice as many songs.

    They better not be for a while!
  7. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    She Lays Down is so sad, I'm surprised its out so soon!
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  8. Currents remains unbothered[​IMG]
  9. All these 1975 cuts

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  10. Sorry for going 2 days without a post. Yesterday I had some unexpected issues pop up.
    But will The 1975's consecutive losses end?


    42. I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It - 5.654
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Highest Score: @2014 (7.5), @inevitable (7), @Untouchable Ace (7), @Remorque (7)
    Lowest Score: @happiestgirl (3)
    Wow, another shocker elimination [/sarcasm]. This is a title track for a long album and one of several ambient/electronic/vaguely instrumental mood pieces on here. When I was first planning this rate, I was nervous that The 1975 had too many tracks compared to Currents, but at least that sorted itself out.
    Matty has tweeted the lyrics to this since 2014, which means he was planning this ambush for a long time. I tried counting the syllables for this a couple of times to see if it was a haiku but to my avail, it's not. The lyrics are simple, asking "Before you go, (please don't go) turn the big light off" and stating "early monogamy, there isn't much". Apparently he said the title to a girlfriend in an unromantic way. At first I thought it was corny because I thought it was a "the most attractive thing about you is your low self esteem!" thing that boy bands do but now I feel like it's like a "I love when my kids are asleep so I can take a nap and watch Bravo" style #relatablemum moment on a mug at TJ Maxx. Is Matty a Maxxinista? We'll never know. Anyway, that interpretation is still messy because how bad is the relationship if you only like them when they're not awake and interacting with you...
    Online reviews I've seen have compared this to everything from Imogen Heap to Radiohead so at least somebody out there liked it...

    I gave it a 6.5.This reminds me of The Sims 3 music or music in a Google/Apple/etc commercial. Although it eventually picks up a little bit, at 6 and a half minutes, it’s too much Artpop for my plebeian ears.

    Happiestgirl (3)- "An uninteresting piece that drags on far too long – no one needs six minutes of this”.
    Remorque (7), who will probably block me after this so he won't get tagged for this thread anymore, wrote- *bliss*. Sorry for ruining it for you!
    Constantino (4)- "Making the song itself as long as the dumbass title (which also happens to be the title of the album, because of course it is) was such a choice. There are some golden moments that remind me of Four Tet, one of my favourite producers, but this is just too fucking long, same goes for the album itself (and its title, for that matter)." Ooh, I've never heard of him but his 2013 album sounds interesting!

    More results after I finish shoveling!
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  11. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    oh my god guys stop it.
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  12. Welcome back to The 1975 Slaughtering Rate.... wait, there are other people in this? This isn't a C rate?

    41. Powerlines- Tame Impala- 5.823
    (source- okay I realize Pinterest isn't a source but these kinds of pixel pictures are reposted all over the place so I literally just got this off Google)

    Highest Score:@enjoy (10)
    Lowest Score: @happiestgirl (2)

    A late entry to the race, this short instrumental is just sort of there. It sounds sort of hopeful, like you're biking in Pokemon Red or something. At exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds, I'm guessing this gets a lot of attention for certain qualities it has according to Youtube comments. I gave it a 5- If this was a full length song with lyrics I’m not sure I would like it more than I do currently but I’m glad Kevin can enjoy his .20 cents from the streams on this. It's an instrumental so I can't really comment on anything. Apparently it's from 2014. Kevin is serving us leftovers whether we like it or not. Someone, contact SZA before the TDE check goes through. People on the Reddit didn't care for it because an earlier version sounded better. Maybe they're not so different from PopJustice after all.
    Blunt icon happiestgirl (2) says "sounds like drone noises". Quick, someone hide this from the US Government!
    Remorque (5) gets a break this round, saying "it's nice and all but there's not really a lot to hold onto".
    Constantino gave it a 7.5, commenting that "Wait at this popping off a bitsy, especially the driving, thundering guitar melody. I’m glad it’s only a bonus track, mind.".

    Neon Kingdian remains unbothered, Vega Intl. Wig School leaves us sh**k, Prince Palomo is coming back to fight us for doing him dirty in the 2015 Best Of thread etc etc.
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  13. Good elimination. That song feels very pointless, and is definitely the low point on that album.
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  14. Hey kids, I have rate results down here.....

    40. Bozo- Neon Indian- 5.975

    Highest Score: @Untouchable Ace (8.7), @inevitable (8)
    Lowest Score:
    @constantino (1)

    Yeah, I'm not really shocked. Now all the artists have lost instrumentals/almost instrumentals. At least Neon Indian still tried to give us a banger with this. I gave it a 5. This just sounds like him messing around on Garageband/your music editing tool of choice. Some reviewers liked it more than we did, comparing it to the 90's girl group Jade's single Walk Away, Prince and Chromeo, the disco/french electro/chillwave vibe of artists I'm not cool enough to know, like Com Truise, Bag Raiders, and Ben Browning, and even Hall and Oates (yeah, I'm shocked to see Neon Indian on the University of Alabama website, too).

    Constantino (1) flat out doesn't think of it, saying "Literally not a song".
    Remorque gave it a 6, saying: Continues the sonic landscape in which the album seems to be enraptured in. Other than that, I can’t really say anything about this except for the fact that during some weekends... I am.

    We have made it to the top 40! What do you think will leave now that we got rid of most of the short tracks and instrumentals?
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  15. I know all of them (except the University of Alabama, never heard of them).
    Ben Browning went solo for a bit in between Cut Copy projects.
  16. Now, time for the first elimination I'm upset about.

    39. Lostmyhead- The 1975- 6.00
    Highest Score: Myself (9.5), @Untouchable Ace (9)
    Lowest Score: @happiestgirl (2) , @Chezam

    Hello, everyone. I have a confession. I am a part of PretentiousJustice.
    I enjoy this song. I guess I can say this song is the most unique one in the rate compared to the rest of the 80’s/electro/glittery stuff whereas this sounds like you’re being launched into space by courtesy of My Bloody Valentine around 3:19. It reminds me of Future by Paramore and Even Though Our Love is Doomed by Garbage. RateYourMusic tells me this would be “post rock” and "shoegaze" but to quote Veronica from Riverdale, “Can't we in this post- James Franco world be all thing at once?”. I guess it’s placed in a weird spot in the album because I would assume it would be at the end but good for them?
    This song is based off of one of their songs from their debut EP. I'm a bad fan because I didn't realize their 30something track debut was actually long because of all their EPs instead of a Chris Brown style mess. The line "And he said I've lost my head" is from Facedown, which describes a drug overdose. I guess this song continues on that theme? The lyrics are saying "Can you see it? Can you see it? Belly aches while you're in bed" so that sounds like you're having a bad trip and drug pains. I don't know. My choice of drug is Degrassi The Next Generation. Stay high on life, kids.

    Apparently the song was sampled by indie pop singer Nikki Flores. Her wiki page is quite a trip but here you go if you're interested.

    Here's what you had to say:

    Happiestgirl (2)- This is kind of just white noise.
    @Remorque (7.5)- "The boys are channeling M83 and I quite like it, yet it does stretch out the instrumental part quite a bit and would be more appreciated if a little shorter. Having said that, it perfectly encapsulates that feeling of beginning to fall in love with someone after sleeping together… At least that’s how I see it, because I think it’s about realizing you’re going mad." I like that interpretation!
    @constantino (5)- There are some nice moments and refrains to be found here, but ultimately it lacks focus and needed some tighter editing conceptually. This and Please Be Naked feel unnecessary detours after what was a strong start to the album. The climax is beautiful, mind.

    Studio version.

    Live performance.

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  17. I completely agree, It came on today and I thought of M83.
    I deducted a point because of the length.

    I feel like I'm giving opposite scores to 1975 compared to everyone else.

    What will people say about my lowest score?
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  18. 38. Gossip- Tame Impala- 6.136
    Rest of the story here if you want to read it.
    Highest Score: @Chezam (9)
    Lowest Score: @enjoy (2)

    This was actually pretty popular for a short instrumental. Besides the 9, it got an 8 (@inevitable ) and four 7's (@constantino @CorgiCorgiCorgi @soratami @Jwentz )! I think it's pleasant, but I feel like it would be more interesting if it lead into another song out of nowhere that’s completely different, like what Childish Gambino did for Me and Your Mama. I'm sad this beat Lostmyhead, but at least it beat Powerlines?
    I'm gonna keep this short, so I'll just quote someone from the Reddit:
    Recently, though, I have tried to figure out why exactly it was called Gossip. And if you listen to, you'll realize that there are really only two sounds: the "fluttering" sound and the "guitar-y" sound. It begins with the fluttering, which I like to interpret as a bunch of people whispering, or gossiping, about someone. And then the guitar-y sound comes in, which I interpret as a person crying out for help, specifically the person that is being gossiped about.
    What do you think?

    Here are your commentaries:
    Remorque gave it a 6.5 and said "Vibey. Twangy. Idk.".
    Constantino said " I know it’s only 55 seconds long but this is essential.".

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  19. I actually gave an instrumental a 10, hope that one doesn't flop.
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