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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by filmnoirish, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Used to be my favorite band for so long....such wonderful early material and not half as bad further material. The Garbage comparisons always make me laugh......

    Toni Halliday's new stuff is superb, such an amazing vocalist.

    Anyone else paid attention to them or liked them?
  2. Of course, they were absolutely brilliant.
    Kirkland's a big fan of them as well, he'll definitely join in this conversation.

    I absolutely love Pubic Fruit-Doppelgänger-Cuckoo, they took the Shoegaze Formula and pushed them into some interesting directions, mixing it with contemporary Hip-Hop (Ten Little Girls), ethereal Cocteau Twins soundscapes (Sandpit) and 90's Alterna-Rock, but I also love their venture into Industrial-Territory with "Come Clean" and "Gift".

    Shame I've missed all of their Web-Releases that are out of print and pretty rare now...

    If you crave their sound you should check out the one-off album "Ultrashiver" by "The Secret Meeting", a collaboration between Dean Garcia and the L.A. Gothic-Electronic Duo "Collide".
  3. Curve are in my top 5 favourite groups ever. I've loved them since I first heard Coast Is Clear back in 1991. I wasn't big into the shoegaze thing at all and I never expected to like that kind of sound so much but Curve just had something different about them. The thundering beats and Toni Halliday's wonderful presence just demanded your attention. There was always an electronic element to their sound which definitely appealed to me and I always kind of hoped they would explore that side a bit more. So I really like later Curve as well. I think Gift is brilliant and it's a real shame they didn't have more success with it. I felt they'd come up with something that could appeal to a wider audience but it just didn't happen. That was their last real chance I guess.

    Well, at least they're not forgotten. It's great to see so much appreciation for them here. When I first found this site I never expected to find discussion of Curve but now it doesn't seem strange at all to see their name mentioned.
  4. They must be one of the most unfairly underrated and most secretly groundbreaking bands of the 90's. It's amazing how unique and ahead-of-its-time their sound was and even moreso how they remained making interesting, beautiful music for so long, even if it became sleeker with time. Believe it or not their sound has influenced much of what came later on in the following years, not only Garbage, but much of the whole new industrial sound (NIN, Marylin Manson). They were doing what Massive Attack and Aphex Twin were doing at the time without ever seeming like there was an influence.

    Amazing band. I recommend it strongly.
  5. They're one of the most important bands in my personal collection.


    I love everything about them from Toni's voice (beautiful and terrifying at once) and Dean's beats/synths/guitars and I agree that they're unfairly underappreciated. Horror Head literally gets played once a day on my iPod. I've got a lot of favourites but I think my most essential Curve album is Doppelganger. It's so dark and sexy and weird sounding. But Come Clean is a really strong record as well and of course Pubic Fruit is amazing. Apart from Horror Head, my favourite individual tracks are probably Cherry (for that breakdown at the end), Recovery, Fly With The High, Pink Girl With The Blues, Dirty High, Today Is Not The Day (one of the most beautiful songs ever) and Open Day At The Hate Fest.


    They still sound amazing, like they belong in their own universe, but we're lucky to be able to listen to them. They're life changing to me.
  6. It almost sounds like a Sophie B. Hawkins track, but Want More Need Less is my favourite Curve song, and then from the same album there is Perish.
  7. one of a kind.... i think the public fruit comp is still my favourite. not sure they ever bettered ten little girls (ok, maybe cherry), but it was certainly enjoyable listening to them try. sadly missed.
  8. jsd


    One of the best bands of all time, full stop. My friend Daum somehow managed to convince Toni Halliday to sing on his album (the song is "Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven" by Freaky Chakra). I co-wrote two songs on that so technically I'm on an album with Toni! I saw them live in... i forget, 93 or 94 maybe? and it was amazing.

    "Gift" is probably the last great album. Honestly I don't listen to the later ones much at all.

    Dean has done some great stuff post-Curve: The Secret Meeting (I remixed them, so technically I've worked with both members of Curve), and SPC ECO with his daughter Rose. KGC "Dirty Bomb" is Dean + KMFDM, and is surprisingly great. Probably the most Curve-y of the post-Curve work.

    The tracks that Toni did with Alan Wilder on Recoil are great.

    I'm listening to her new band Chatelaine on Myspace right now and it sounds fantastic. Can't wait for a whole album.
  9. Doppelganger is now available on iTunes!
  10. I can't believe I haven't posted in this thread before (was sure I had!).

    In 1992, Curve were the best thing in music, along with U2's Achtung Baby album. That was the defining sound for me of that time.

  11. I'm also a very big fan. The run from 'Frozen' EP - 'Missing Link' EP was 100% perfection. 'Cuckoo' is in my top 10 albums of all time, I could perform it in it's entireity at the drop of a hat. They were sonically a force to be reckoned with but behind the scenes the band themselves pissed it all away on several occassions by just not getting on with each other... they never quite got it back together after the first split and while the website activity and new material was fun ('Chinese Burn' is amazing), it was only a matter of time before they fell apart again. Also, they were one of the great B-side bands, where by B-sides were just as brilliant and vital as singles and album tracks. Sometimes perhaps even better (The 'Horrorhead' EP tracks are stronger than a few on 'Doppleganger').

    Trivia! Their cover of 'I Feel Love' was recorded in Dave Stewart's studio, The Church (as was other Curve stuff). They were influenced by Eurythmics' 'Savage' album on the track. You can hear bits of the backing track, sped up, from 'Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)' in the mix, Toni can also be heard quoting the lyrics ("I'd love to") in the backing vocals at 2:14 and then the breathing and sucking of air through the teeth is sucpiciously similar to the title track 'Savage's ending...
  12. Oh, here's my slightly pimped version of 'Cuckoo';

    ✓ Missing Link (Remix)* 4:21
    ✓ Crystal 4:03
    ✓ Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus 4:36
    ✓ All Of One 4:20
    ✓ Unreadable Communication 5:52
    ✓ Turkey Crossing 4:54
    ✓ Superblaster (US Mix)* 4:00
    ✓ Left Of Mother 4:11
    ✓ Sweetest Pie 4:00
    ✓ Cuckoo 4:57

    *The single remixes of these tracks really lift the album... and I must brag about my ownership of the original withdrawn 'Superblaster' UK CD single. Although the remix and b-sides are now on 'The Way Of Curve' 2CD, for many years they were exclusive to this CD single.


  13. Where would be a good place to start with Curve (I feel like i may have asked this once before...)? Do they have a best-of?

    Loving Horror Head!
  14. The Way Of Curve is about the only compilation of theirs (from around 2004), but I don't know if it's still in print. I have a 2-disc version in a digipak, but there may be a single disc edition (anfunny?)....

    It's essential stuff.

  15. Cheers chaps, just ordered. Been meaning to check them out properly for donkey's years. Am sure i'll enjoy!
  16. This, possibly my favourite Curve track, is not on the 2CD. Well, it is, in it's much rarer/completely unrecognisable Aphex Twin remix version (which isn't much fun)... so enjoy this!
  17. I cannot tell you how delighted I am that so many people on here love this band as much as I do. It's great to see this thread pop up every now and then. Cuckoo is a thing of beauty and horror. Gift is underrated. Doppelganger and Pubic Fruit (the collected EPs) are both seeping with genuinely inventive quality music. There's nothing quite like them anywhere. I listened to Today Is Not The Day five times in a row earlier.

    That is interesting. I put that track on my website last week, I've listened to it for years, and I heard Toni's whispered "I'd love to," in the background before but I had no idea it was referencing a track from the best Eurythmics album.
  18. Ah, I love Curve although I've never ventured any further than the 2CD Best Of (but, hey, what a compilation!). There's no-one quite like them really. I think it's time to get the CD out again, just in time for Hallowe'en.
  19. Nice thread! Love Curve, bought all their albums, fantastic hardhitting guitar sound parred with fuzzy electronics. Awesome. Toni Halliday in her prime; mmm mmm mmm!
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