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Cut Copy - Freeze, Melt

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lushLuck, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. My favorite boys are back...with a sure-fire summer bop! No word yet on the album, but this'll do in the meantime.

    GRAMMY®-Nominated Band Will Also Perform At Luna Lights, CRSSED, Austin City Limits And Splendour In The Grass Festivals


    Cut Copy returns with "Airborne" - the band's first official single in four years. Equal parts guitar jangle, celestial synths and bottom-heavy bassline, the infectious track shifts gears multiple times, balancing images of chaos ("jagged teeth made of glass, rising up") with the resolute chorus: "That don't stop me." The song offers an early glimpse of the new material the GRAMMY-nominated Australian band has been recording in studios around the world. "Airborne" - available for streaming and download HERE - was produced by Ben Allen (Deerhunter, Animal Collective) and marks Cut Copy's first release on Astralwerks.

    Yesterday, the band's record label AirDropped an advance sneak peek of "Airborne" in select locations worldwide - including Bedford Avenue Station in New York City and Amoeba Records in Los Angeles - giving nearby iPhone users an early listen to the track. Cut Copy gave its first performance of "Airborne" during its June 15 headline show at The Neptune Theatre in Seattle, WA.Cut Copy will perform at several U.S. festivals this fall, including Luna Lights, CRSSED and Austin City Limits. The band's summer Australian tour will wrap up with an appearance at the Splendour in the Grass Festival.
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    2017 is the year of my indie pop resurgence fantasy. Announce an album, kings!
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  3. This is oxygen in space. I love it.
  4. Bop.
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  5. New Kesha AND new Cut Copy?! Someone pinch me.
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  6. Free Your Mind is one of my favorite albums from 2014, and In Ghost Colors still gets regular spins monthly. I hope they continue to deliver.
    I can't believe they are almost 5 albums in!
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  7. Zonoscope not being on Spotify is a constant annoyance.
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  8. This is lovely and breezy. In Ghost Colors was brilliant but I lost track of them after that. Happy they're back.
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  9. This is very pleasant. Hopefully the album won't be as underwhelming as the last two.
  10. Alright give me an album pre-order. Please let them release another beautiful vinyl.
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  11. Zonoscope is on my Spotify. What gives?

  12. You don´t like Free Your Mind? Like, how?
  13. Free Your Mind's muted release still upsets me.
  14. It's good. At least a better start than Free Your Mind had with a cover and a boring lead single.
  15. Funny I was thinking the same thing but with Zonoscope. Free Your Mind was disappointing.
  16. Zonoscope & Free Your Mind are both delights. Obviously neither compare to the perfection of In Ghost Colours, but they're still great on their own merits.
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  17. I rate their debut as their best, but they've never made a bad album. Dan's voice is one of my favourite voices in pop.
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  18. Free Your Mind is on par with In Ghost Colors and was a serious return to form to me, it's Zonoscope that I frequently pass over. Not much of that album really moved me. I actually feel like it's the odd one out in their discography.
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  19. Free Your Mind is fantastic but maybe it was the excellent vinyl packaging that swayed me.
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  20. I would love to get my hands on this, simply because I love the album so much. What did it include? (And it came out before I became a vinyl addict! Ahh!)

    I find Free Your Mind to be one of thier most intricate and lush releases. All 6 minutes of Let Me Show You Love still blows my mind.
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