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Cut Copy - Freeze, Melt

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lushLuck, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Here I whipped out my copy and took some pics.


  2. Very cool, I love the highly saturated coloring of everything.

    My regret in life is that I had tickets to see them live and then gave them away during the Zonoscope era for whatever reason, I want to know what on Earth possessed me to do such a thing!?
  3. A video for Airborne is coming soon.
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  4. This is pleasant. Already much better than everything on their last album.
  5. I loved Free Your Mind. It was a faithful recreation of a time in music that probably had people fetching the bop pills.
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  6. My Zonoscope CD is the faulty one with gaps between the songs, did anybody else end up with that disaster?
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  7. Free Your Mind was fantastic for me and their first two albums soundtracked my teenage years. I'm not as into the new song yet but they always have something worth taking.
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  8. And here it is

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  9. Album's called Haiku From Zero. Should be out September 22. And they've shared a new song, "Standing in the Middle of the Field".
  10. This news has made my day. One of my favourite bands going. They've never made a bad album and they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen. The new songs are very promising.
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  11. And the vinyl is coming out on the same day as the digital!

    (apologies for the double post)
  12. I didn't find the single particularly impressive, but the album artwork is enough to make me want to check out the music. It's great.
  13. It's quite similar to Airborne and that last two minutes are absolutely sublime. I'm digging the slow build psychedelic euphoria vibes this album.
  14. Bright and Zonoscope were solid ("Need You Now" is my favorite Cut Copy record). I was obsessed with In Ghost Colours. "Feel The Love," "Out There On The Ice," "Unforgettable Season," "Midnight Runner, " and "So Haunted" sound just as good now as they did in 2008.

    I couldn't make it through Free Your Mind, but "Airborne" is fun and reassuring.
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  15. The album title and cover are more Mura Masa than Mura Masa himself. The new song is tedious, I'm worried about the album.
  16. "Free Your Mind", "We Are Explorers", "Let Me Show You Love", "Footsteps", "Meet Me In The House Of Love" say hello.
  17. This song has just hit me. Loving it.
  18. And of course IN MEMORY CAPSULE! It´s the bomb...and probably the closest they came to ever having a sleeper hit again.
  19. The whole album is streaming over on NPR!

  20. I haven't been hooked by anything new era yet. Which is a shame because In Ghost Colours and Free Your Mind were favourites.
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