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Cut Copy - Freeze, Melt

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lushLuck, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Much like the last two albums, there are extraordinary moments and meh moments. A lot of tracks move into unexpected directions or switch up halfway. I expect it's a grower though.

    Anyone who misses 'In Ghost Colours'-era Cut Copy will really like 'Memories We Share' at least I expect.
  2. Lovely mods, can we update the topic with the album title please? Haiku From Zero.

    PREDICTION: We're going to be a more delicate Zonoscope 2.0.
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  3. Memories We Share is THAT bop.
  4. I'm in love with this album.
  5. The (especially 2nd half) of "Black Rainbow" really goes off, too.

    I'm giving this album 3.5/5. It's similar in tone to Zonoscope, but more delicate and refined. Alas, it strays dangerously close to bland/boring at more than one point during a play-through, sadly. First time that's ever happened with them for me. The standout tracks remain truly excellent. I think "Black Rainbow" is going straight into my top tier for the band.
  6. Guys, this is a very good album.
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  7. Bop central
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  8. The bIt when it kicks back in after seemingly dying down is such a MOMENT.
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  9. This needs to grow on me, but I'm completely obsessed with Black Rainbows. Sounds like the verses could be lifted straight out of the mid 80's, with the chorus soaring the 70's vibe.
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  10. Oh, Cut Copy doing "synth-60´s", Beach Boys inspired, beat-pop!?!
    Be it pastiche or not, it´s damned catchy! They´re quite good with the multi tracked harmonies.
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  12. I sort of fell off the wagon with them after Zonoscope, but this has completely re-sold me. What a great record.
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  13. Counting Down is such a moment. I wasn't sold on the singles for whatever reason but I love this album just as much as Free Your Mind and In Ghost Colors in its own way. It's kind of relentlessly toe tapping.
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  14. This album is such an improvement on the last one. I'm very pleased.
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  15. 2:31-2:36 on Black Rainbows is one of the most sublime 5-second slices of existence there is.
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  16. Ben Browning's new solo track is rather good.
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  17. A bop. Here for it.
  18. Solo album 'Even Though' out 22 June.
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  19. Coming back to Haiku From Zero. Such a great summer album.
  20. I forgot how much I enjoyed his first solo album. Need to revisit.
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