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Cut Copy - Freeze, Melt

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lushLuck, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Cut Copy in general is such a summer band to me.
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  3. New Cut Copy: Love Is All We Share

    Is a new album coming?
  4. Please please!
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  5. That single is right up my street. Really good to have them back, I hope a new album comes this year.

    From the Rolling Stone article:

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  6. I have a strange relationship with Cut Copy albums. I usually love one album and the next one leaves me cold.
    In Ghost colours: LOVE
    Zonoscope: meh
    Free Your Mind: LOVE
    Haiku: meh
    so the next one should be lit!
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  7. Here is a new Cut Copy song: Cold Water.
  8. Also they have announced a new LP:

    Freeze, Melt
    August 21

    01 Cold Water
    02 Like Breaking Glass
    03 Love Is All We Share
    04 Stop, Horizon
    05 Running In The Grass
    06 A Perfect Day
    07 Rain
    08 In Transit

    It's heavily influenced by ambient music. While I'm not crazy about the album possibly having multiple instrumental songs, the new single reminds me of Owen Pallett, pretty and calm electro, which is a good signal. Let's see!
  9. After extensive touring on our last album, “Cold Water” was one of the first new songs to appear. I’d moved to Copenhagen and had been listening to a lot more ambient and instrumental electronic music and as a result, “Cold Water” felt quite different to songs we’d made in the past. It was less dance, but more atmospheric. Also, the subject matter explores love in today’s context, where the climate and fate of the planet are becoming increasingly uncertain. Once we’d finished it, it felt like we'd placed a marker in the ground, guiding us in a new musical direction. -Dan

    Our new single, "Cold Water," is out now! Stream + save it here:
  10. I'm not sure I want an ambient album from Cut Copy. Especially not right now.
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  11. It seems like this era isn't going to be for me, but good on them for trying something different.
  12. Right? They've given me such joy--mainly with their first three albums--I really don't need more slogging energy at the moment.
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  13. I’m sure I’ll like it. But I could do with some euphoria right now.
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  14. I love Cold Water, but I would need a bit more variety for an entire album. That said, they don’t have a collection to date that is any less than fantastic, so I have faith.
  15. Yeah, hopefully the album will have a bit of everything but I'm loving the escapism vibes from both singles.
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  16. Maybe this and the new Annie album with be a cool counterpart to all the excellent boppery we've already gotten this year.
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  17. Their last album was a bit of a slog for me, sadly.
  18. "Having known the band personally since they started, I was really interested to see where they had gone creatively this time and the reasons why. After listening to the album and talking to Dan I was impressed with the more minimal, emotionally introspective songs and the more experimental approach. Freeze, Melt is a very conceptually mature and sonically confident album for Cut Copy. Strangely, it’s very fitting for these times." – Christopher Hill, long-time Cut Copy friend and filmmaker (Youtube).
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