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Cut Copy - Freeze, Melt

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lushLuck, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Dan has aged well. He really works that "guy from Phoenix thinks he's in Hot Chip" vibe.

    I like this new sound.
  2. This is my most antecipated album for the rest of the year
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  3. Apparantly they released big parts of the album as "official videos" on their Youtube-channel.
    It´s all very drifting and meandering, lots of instrumentals, less pop.
    One track in particular (Stop Horizon) sounds like a total rip of ultra balearic classic E2 E4/Sueno Latino.
  4. Rain really is marvellous.

    Dan and his taste.

    (That said, the other highlights are the 3 known boppy tracks.
    Transitional album for sure, but got me curious to see what's next. )
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  5. So I just finished my first listen on headphones and while I couldn’t care less for the 2 instrumental tracks, I loved the other songs, especially Rain and Running In The Grass.
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  6. I have such mixed feelings about this. While I do actually like all the songs, I don’t see myself coming back to any of them. It’s not a bad collection, but nothing really stands out, and it just sort of plods along nicely enough.

    It is BY FAR their weakest effort.
  7. My review: What a sublime album. Gently leaning into the water theme wonderfully. By turns both cool and warm.
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  8. I *love* Cut Copy and their first 4 albums, but this one is a bit boring despite great production.

    Not because it is more chilled than their previous albums, it just lacks hooks and strong song writing.

    Hopefully it will grow on me.
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  9. Agreed, I love everything about it! It's an amazing album, one I've always wanted them to make.
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  10. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I’ll admit the only other album I’ve heard from them is Haiku From Zero, but I’m actually really enjoying the new one on first listen. It’s not as ambient as I expected (and the full-on ambient parts are actually really good anyway), and it’s surprisingly soothing and uplifting despite its themes. Running In The Grass is my instant fave, that bassline is so lush.
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  11. Give their studio albums a listen in release order.
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  12. Like Breaking Glass is such a beautiful, crystalline fucking banger. Those synths cascading down over the chorus feel like being in the ocean and having a spiritual epiphany under the mid-afternoon sun. Hands down one of my songs of summer/and the year.

    The Jacques Lu Cont remix is a major triumph too.

    I really didn't know a thing about Cut Copy prior to this so I suppose I'll be investigating.
  13. Wow, a Cut Copy-Stuart Price collab is something out of a random fever dream of mine. Thanks for the heads up that this remix exists.

    And I can’t recommend all of their albums enough. Starting with In Ghost Colours is my suggestion as it remains one of the greatest albums of all time.
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  14. FFFFfffffuckkkk yes.
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  15. The opening trio of "Feel the Love," "Out There on the Ice" and "Lights and Music" is earth-shattering. That transition between the first two...
  16. A batch of new remixes has been added to their YT-channel.
    I think they work very well! (I´m a sucker for breakbeats, so the mix of Love Is All We Share is right up my street, even it´s a very well trodden road.)
    All in all I prefer these new mixes to the originals, as they´re a bit too milk toasty for me.
    Love Is All We Share (Octo Octa Deep Feelings Mix)

    Rain (Leo James Torrential Dub)

    There are two more on their channel.
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  17. Love Is All We Share is still one of my favourite songs of the year.
  18. OK I finally felt ready to listen to this...and it's gorgeous.
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