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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by JMRGBY, Feb 4, 2022.

  1. I genuinely don't get the logic of leaving a group not even three weeks after its debut. Unless something major and unexpected came up in her life, it's definitely a weird move.
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  3. I’m not screaming about the mixes but I’m glad we have them.
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  4. They’re a bit samey for me.
  5. There's an announcement at 7pm.
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  6. An unknown act announcing they have an announcement to make ...
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  8. I hadn't realised it was the rapper who had left the group. It's a real shame because her rap is my favourite thing about Hot Seat.
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  9. Same but the post includes the #rap tag so maybe there’s still hope.
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  10. I think she also sung like 80% of it ddd. It'll be interesting to see what the others can do now, as it seemed to me like she was being pushed as the lead.
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  11. Sounds like another smash

  12. Sounds like another one about to get banned in PJSC.
  13. WHAT A TUNE! Criminally short though.
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  15. That song is comically bad, sorry.
  16. This is kind of terrible but also kind of amazing. I'm bopping. I quite like the 3 AM dark gay bar techno vibe they seem to be going for.
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  17. It's a bop! I wonder if Kolly is kicking herself right now? It still remains to be seen if she'll be the Zayn or the Harry of the group.
  18. The new song is not it really.
  19. They have been posting a lot of content with just four of them... Has another girl left? They are giving the Sugababes a run for thier money mess wise at this point.
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