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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JMRGBY, Feb 4, 2022.

  1. I'm absolutely ready.
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  2. This certainly sounds like it will be better than the last one.
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  3. That's not possible.
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  4. I think you skipped one.
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  5. I'll admit, their music won't light the charts on fire, but I think it's fun and reminds me of early 00s pop.
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  6. Can't listen to Explosive yet, but I just noticed every member has a Spotify playlist:

    Some iconic picks across all of them.
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  7. WTF is Scarlett wearing??? LOL
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Their "songs" really don't justify 5 members.....
  9. Ok I hear sumn
  10. It's like a dead-eyed Girls Aloud/Mini Viva track and yes I will play this a lot more than the previous single.
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  11. I didn’t expect the weird structure despite this being Xenomania. It definitely keeps you on your toes though. I think this might be their best for me. I wonder if we’ll get a music video.
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  12. This is a bop and definitely better than You Don't Really Wanna, but sadly still not quite on the same level as Hotseat. That was such a sleek, cool banger, I think these new songs just feel both a bit undercooked and a bit overly busy in comparison.
  13. Only three of them sing; one raps and the other is…. the DJ.
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  14. "Tina is the choreographer" teas.
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  15. They just uploaded this cute video that makes me want to root for them even more:

    Also I actually really like the new song. There's some really strong melodies in it and I like the hazy filter it's put through.
  16. Has anyone thought of adding Xenomania to the title so this would get more attention dd?
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  17. My ears are totally blocked right now due to having flu and I listened to Explosive for the first time and I swore they were talking about 'gateway drugs' rather than '808 drums' for longer than I should have!
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  18. You're explosive
    Fire in mind, red eyes in the morning
    Come alive
    You're so explosive
    Do or die, wanna take you over, over

  19. There’s a new remix of “You Don’t Really Wanna” out. Sadly it’s NOT the edit used in the video.
  20. There's something intriguing about them, but the talk-y songs... come on sing a bit, girls! I'm getting Neon Jungle vibes, but they sang. They need to step up the Icona Pop thing.
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