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Cyn - ‘Holy Roller’ (New Single)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Lost Boy, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. She's on Katy Perry's label!

    This year so far she's dropped a super cool kind of Zara Larsson-esque bop 'Together' (@DJHazey I feel like you'll love it)

    And now a BANKS-esque moody tribute to obsession. Check it out @Vasilios

    And @backstreetjoe you'll love these if you haven't found them already!
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  2. Nearly mentioned this earlier. Thanks for the remind.
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  3. Feel free to tag anyone you think might like her!
  4. Felix Snow produced "Only With You". A bop.

    “I knew who Felix was and loved the songs he worked on previously, so I was geeked to work with him. We wrote and recorded the song in North Hollywood. At the time, Felix was still working out of his living room. The song began on acoustic guitar and evolved to be some kind of hybrid, electronic funk pop vibe. We recorded vocals in a closet-turned vocal booth with no light. The vocals on the final track are the vocals from day one, which is something really special, I think. Overall, we wrote this song in probably 3 hours!”
    This is the source.
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  5. Okay this is great.

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  6. Yes! Come all!
  7. The image overhaul from her first single cover to the second puzzles me a bit, especially when you bear in mind there was only a three month gap between them.
  8. The songs are like two entirely different people too, I had to double check. Luckily they're both brilliant.
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  9. I've been playing Together quite a lot and I like it, but it's kinda basic. The new one is way better.
  10. Damn. 'Only With You' is an absolute banger, thank you guys! I'm in love with it.
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  11. A banger.
  12. The song wore really thin for me quickly, but I’m still excited for more. Looks like she has a budget! Katy throwing ha the coins.
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  13. She has a new song out. My favorite from her so far.
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  14. Can’t wait to check this out tonight! Are the acts signed to Katy’s label distributed through Capitol / UMG too?
  15. The new single is even better than the last one. What a song.
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  16. This is really great.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Ok, I'm on board as well now with 'Alright', Looking forward to more material.
  19. Alright bangs quite hard.
  20. Alright is quite more than just alright. Whew.
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