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Cyndi Lauper General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charmander, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. She doesn't seem to have a general thread and it goes without saying that she should.

    Brink Ya To the Brink is fantastic to dance to and I'm going to listen to Sisters of Avalon tomorrow. She's the best gay icon.

    There have been rumbling of a new dance album since 2010, on Twitter this past September she responded "perhaps" to the notion of a new album for 2014.
  2. Bring Ya To The Brink is such a hideous title, but Into The Nightlife is tempting me to listen to the album.
  3. Cyndi Lauper is a goddess among women. She was the first '80s star I really got into.

    "Into the Nightlife" and "Same Ol' Story" are both incredible. The rest of Brink is mediocre, if I remember correctly.
  4. Bring Ya To The Brink is mostly amazing. Sadly a few of the shit songs are all bunched up near the start so it might put people off.

    I'd recommend listening to Into The Nightlife (Madonna wishes she had a song this good in the last 10 years), Echo, Lay Me Down, Grab A Hold and Rain On Me - all of those are 10/10 for me and the kind of euphoric dance/pop with a hint of melancholy that most PJers love.
  5. Into The Nightlife is Get Together (LIDL Remix).
  6. Her vers of I Drove All Night is seriously my second favourite song of all time ever.
  7. All about 'A Hat Full Of Stars' for me.
  8. I can't believe she went from biggest popstar on the planet with 5 hits to meh album with just two hits to a flop with one hit in the space of five years. Such missed opportunity / messed up chances / fucked up politics / fickle fans. She also failed to do what Madonna did - grow with each album.
  9. This.

    I like True Colours and A Night to Remember but they are leagues away from She's So Unusual, which is so amazing.
  10. My all time favourite! Seeing her live showcase of At Last at Cafe De Paris is still the best gig i've ever been too. It was her first in the UK for 16 years and from loving her as a child I was seriously overwhelmed. Even her singing just the At Last CD from start to finish and none of her own stuff could detract from hearing that voice live.
    If only she would bring the She's So Unusual tour here.
  11. Have you read her autobiography? It's all explained.

    Basically she's a bit of a mentalist.

    She also had no ambition to go down the Madonna route. She's probably got pretty much the career she wanted.
  12. I have read it. The way she's very apologetic and defensive and 'poor me!!' makes me think she was a nightmare to work with.
  13. Cyndi was another who absolutely should have been in the Classic Pop top 100 countdown....I mean, if not Girls Want To Have Fun, then Time After Time surely?!

    She is also much-liked by hetties.....I had quite a crush on her in the 80s...Madonna? Meh.
  14. Absolute and complete nightmare.

    'It was all about 'the art' man'!!!
  15. The Billie Piper to Madonna's Britney in every sense.
  16. I love the "A Night to Remember" album. For me it is probably my favorite of hers. Interesting to read that Diane Warren complained about what she did with " I don't want to be your Friend", when personally I find the arrangement brilliant.

    I also have a soft spot for "The Ballad of Cleo and Joe". Remember seeing her heavily pregnant bouncing across the stage performing that when she opened for Tina Turner and being blown away by her energy.
  17. Sisters of Avalon was sort of interesting but mostly disappointing.

    I assume you haven't yet let Rocking Chair into your life.
  18. Bit unfair. Cyndi is an ARTISTE, Billie Piper was just some random girl trying to get out of doing her GCSEs.
  19. It's an analogy babe. Read my post again.
  20. Hahahaaaaaa
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