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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charmander, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Despite Time After Time being a hit Cyndi, in the UK, was very unfairly viewed as almost a novelty act generally because of her look, the hyper energetic performances, the speaking voice and eventually the wrestling link. She did well to rebound every now and then and her hits set was deservedly huge.
  2. I’m really glad she got the recognition she deserved with her work on Kinky Boots. I wish she would record original work soon.
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  3. She just needs to land a great song for a movie to complete a clean sweep of major US entertainment awards. She has 2 Grammys, an Emmy and a Tony award, just lacking an Oscar.
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  4. Got her memoir on the back of your comments. Loving it. Thank you !
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  5. Great hearing a couple of Cyndi’s best on Dirty John S2
  6. Her best song, truly.
  7. This ages me immediately but I remember setting the VCR for Cyndi’s appearances on Mad About You. She was a riot - definitely deserved that Emmy.
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  8. I LOVE the fact she wanted to do I Drove All Night because you never hear songs about women driving.
  9. Do we know why an official video was never made for the track? Seems strange given she was an MTV staple at the time. Also wondered if the timing of the track was cut down for radio at the time of its release? Four and a half minutes seemed kind of long for a pop song of the time.
  10. No idea why there wasn't a video. I don't recall Cyndi mentioning why in her memoir. There also doesn't seem to any 7" edit, just the 4:30 album version. According to discogs, even the promos use this version and not any edit.

    Its definitely odd when you think about it, but it really seems that they used the full album version for airplay. Maybe Cyndi could get away with it since she'd had 3 hits before this.
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  11. Well. This happened.
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  12. Tracey gives me the creeps

  13. Anyone know which (various artists?) album this is version is available on? I can only see the newer version with Jake Shimabukuro listed on Discogs...
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  14. I think, from what I can find, that it's an unreleased recording from 1989. Well, officially unreleased. There is a "Cyndi Sampler" 2CD thing available, which has it listed....
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  15. If I remember correctly, she played it when she was a guest on a radio show in 1993. The song was recorded in 1988 or 1989.
    It's always been one of my favourite songs. It's so beautiful.
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  17. I just want a new pop album from her! please lord
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  18. You'll get an Etta James covers album in 2022 and you will deal.
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