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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charmander, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. that's the cruel reality
  2. Cyndi's 'Bring Ya To The Brink' album is so good. It's a shame Madonna's 'Hard Candy' album was released the same year. 'Bring Ya To The Brink' is the better album, but Cyndi's singles could have been chosen more wisely.
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  3. I listen to Bring Ya To The Brink far more than I do Hard Candy.
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  4. Hard Candy wishes it had this banger

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  5. If Rihanna had released Into The Nightlife it would have been #1 for 6 weeks, phenomenal song. I was gobsmacked with how good it was when I first heard it. Bring Ya To The Brink is easily Cyndi's best album for me. What do we have to do for another pop album from her?!
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  6. Buy it.
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  7. I’d prefer a Pop Rock album like her first few classic albums...but I’d take another club album over a covers album any day.
    I enjoyed Bring Ya To The Brink at the time but I very rarely go back to it.
    Just give us some classic original songwriting honey.
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  8. But there’s so many good tracks, Echo Rain on Me and it’s full of personality too like Rocking Chair. It should have been massive but times change
  9. It makes me sad to think we might never get another original album. She seems to be popular is US, more so over the past few years so I think there would be interest. How can we find out if she’s planning something??
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  10. She’s done big band, Xmas, country and blues covers albums.
    Surely there isn't any more boring genres of music to inspire another covers album?!
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  11. Sea shanty?
  12. Great song, tragic video.

    And let's not pretend Lauper wasn't biting on Madonna's previous release 'Confessions On A Dance Floor'.

  13. It was a popular sound at the time - I don’t think Cyndi has ever really chased Madonna’s sound.
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  14. Strange thing is I thought I might enjoy the blues record but it bores me whilst I thought the country record would be awful but actually liked it even if I haven’t played it to death. But yes, original material is all I’m interested in now.
  15. I actually love the xmas album.
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  16. I
    Its nice but I have to skip Christmas Conga
  17. I also love the Christmas album- or most of it, at least. Three of the songs are honestly three of my all time favourite Christmas songs- I love Home On Christmas Day, Early Christmas Morning and Feels Like Christmas with every fibre of my being and they're in every Christmas playlist I've ever made. I also have a real soft spot for December Child.
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  18. Cyndi's singles choices were SO bizarre - they had "Into the Nightlife" right there and didn't lead with it. I will never understand it.
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  19. I agree. They should have led with 'Into The Nightlife,' followed by 'Lay Me Down.' If those two singles had been successful, they could have followed them with another song.
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