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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charmander, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. The movie and song are from around 2009.
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  2. Oops! I just saw it uploaded on her channel and assumed it's new. Never heard of it before.
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  3. She iconically releases one song that nobody notices every six months.
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  4. There's a lot of Cyndi in the air... first the Sam Smith live album and the Time After Time cover. Now the P!nk live album with the Time After Time cover.
  5. I really wish people would stop covering time after time. There are so many amazing Cyndi ballads to cover it just seems so lazy
  6. Give us The World Is Stone instead someone!
  7. Above The Clouds - strangely overlooked but remains one of her most affecting compositions.
  8. Quick update: the Sam Smith cover of Time after Time is featured in the S2 finale of Love, Victor.
  9. The World is Stone and I’m Gonna Be Strong are just so good. I also developed a real soft spot for Change of Heart over the years.

    I’d love to hear Ariana Grande cover something that’s not Time After Time.
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  10. Rain on me
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  11. Can someone please list the best Cyndi ballads?

    I love I'm gonna be strong.
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  12. The World Is Stone.
    Who Let In The Rain.
    Sally’s Pigeons.
    Hot Gets A Little Cold.
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  13. Hot Gets A Little Cold
    Heading West
    Sally’s Pigeons
    Water’s Edge
    Unhook The Stars
  14. My favourites are…

    Heading West
    Sally’s Pigeons
    Hat Full Of Stars
    Who Let In The Rain
    Hot Gets A Little Cold
    I’ll Be Your River
    Fall Into Your Dreams
    Water’s Edge

    And of course Time After Time, True Colors & The World Is Stone.

    I also have a soft spot for the b-side of The World Is Stone, Learn To Live Alone, even though it’s not maybe a ballad as such.

  15. Personal faves -bearing in mind I'm not generally a ballad-y person...

    1. Who Let In The Rain
    2. World Is Stone
    3. Sally's Pigeons
    4. Heading West

    (This is obviously in addition to True Colors, All Through The Night and Time After Time).
  16. Rain on me
    Waters edge
    Heading west
    Fall into your dreams
    Unconditional love
    Who let in the rain
    All through the night
    I don’t wanna be your friend
    Lay me down (if it counts as a ballad, probably more mid-tempo - is amazing, as is the often over looked ‘one track mind’)

    The At Last covers album is also very good and includes nice suite of ballads including If you go away and Don’t let me be misunderstood.
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  17. The World Is Stone and Who Let In The Rain are probably in my Cyndi top five.

  18. Thanks so much for reminding of these - I love these songs so much

    on a side note, that album has so many good songs and they led with the worst songs as singles - Into the Nightlife was right there
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  19. Back in the 1993 I created my own Cyndi Lauper ballad collection and have added my favourite ballads as and when. As a super fan of Cyndi Lauper it really depends on my mood as to what my favourite might be at any given point in time, plus there are so many to choose from making it hard to list the best Cyndi ballads.

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  20. Definitely....this would be next on my list.
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