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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charmander, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. I didn't buy True Colours back then but every time I go back to it I'm like where are the bops. The label probably wanted her to add some but seeing as that album's recording was dramatic / stop start... oh well.
  2. Any news if Cyndi is recording a new (covers most likely) original album?
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  3. True Colors made next to no impact in the UK when it came out, despite the #12 success of the single. But it was a brutal period....loads of high-profile albums sank.

    Change of Heart was the obvious smash but got lost in the Dec/Jan novelty stampede. It was actually the next single, What's Going On, which caught my ear and made me check out the album from the library. And I really liked it.
  4. The lack of success for the TC singles have always been a mystery. True Colors is simply stunning and had a gorgeous video too. At least over the years it has become a staple on radio and sales have been great.

    Change Of Heart is another brilliant song and I really thought with the video being filmed in London a hit was guaranteed but I was wrong. What's Going On is a beautiful cover but failed to make the Top 50 here in the UK and did not perform very well anywhere. Same for singles 4 and 5, Boy Blue (pulled in the UK) and Maybe He'll Know (limited to a handful of European countries), whilst not released here in the UK failed to impact the charts in any of the territories it was available.

    I really love the True Colors album but I think it has not aged well over the years.
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  5. I greatly enjoyed both of the Good Enough videos yesterday! I had also completely forgotten The Bangles appeared in part 2.

  6. True Colors is basically everyone (her, her team, CBS) dropping the ball. How to ruin the biggest global female megastar career's in one era.
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  7. The problem in the UK is Cyndi only had the two big singles from She's So Unusual, and her profile dropped after the late summer of '84. The 1985 singles bombed here, so it was almost a bit of a miracle True Colors (single) did as well as it did.
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  8. Do we think ''She Bop'' underperforming here (#46?) was partly due to some momentum being lost? According to a couple of websites I've seen ''Time After Time'' first charted 24/3/84 and ''She Bop'' 1/9/84. I know ''Time After Time'' took a while to get going here (69-59-54-57-62R(9)-36-10-4-{3}-4-6-8-16-21-30-44-59), but wonder if a 3 month gap would have benefitted ''She Bop'' more?
  9. I don't think Cyndi Lauper was ever destined to be a megastar, she is too quirky to be mainstream. Nothing wrong with that either.
  10. But she was a megastar during her debut.
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  11. A lot of people have 1 or 2 big hits but don't stay in the same lane as Madonna. I love Cyndi as much as the next Comeback Coroner but I'm not surprised she didn't sustain her initial level of success.
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  12. Cyndi was definitely a megastar in the US, Canada, Australia and Japan but as Eric pointed out Cyndi only had Girls and & Time that were huge hits here in the UK and Europe. The only other Top 15 hits were True Colors, I Drove All Night, The World Is Stone and Hey Now. Sadly, even during the SSU era Cyndi never hit the same heights of other artists of the time here.
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  13. All Through The Night and Change of Heart in particular deserved to smash in the UK.

  14. Okay but we were talking about her career in general, not just the UK - and then @Eric Generic mentioned her UK stats - which was a welcome addition to the Cyndi talk. Two conversations can happen simultaneously.

    I'd say she was a megastar in Europe during the first era too. The music press I was buying from Germany / Italy / France (and Greece lol) always featured her, she was the No 1 female star. And those two monster hits were insecapable - I'd say after that people just bought debut the album.
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  15. Her place in the US music history is interesting because she had 8 huge hits (Girls, Time After Time, She Bop, All Through the Night, Good Enough, Change of Heart, True Colours and I Drove All Night), which puts her pretty even with Paula or Taylor Dayne from the amount of hits side of things, yet she is easily more recognized as a former hitmaker than those two. I feel like she is just bubbling under Madonna, Janet and Whitney in most people's minds when it comes to 80's girls despite achieving far fewer hits and in a much smaller time frame.
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  16. UK-wise she was on about the same level as The Bangles maybe. Some smash singles amongst several flops, but a couple of big(ish) albums in the 80s.
  17. The success of her Best Of (12 Deadly Cyns) is probably a good barometer of how the (UK) public liked her. One of those "you love more hits by this act than you realise" cases.
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  18. They got Hey Now so right too, the classic but reworked as a current (Ace of Base) loved sound, the drag queens, a toot.
  19. Possibly because she's more substantive / has more to say than Paula or Taylor? She's been a staple on talk shows almost continuously. By the same token, unlike Paula she's continued making music the whole time, which has given her something to go on TV about and tour for, keeping her profile up.

    Basically I think Paula and Taylor are the Katys to Cyndi's Gaga, once we adjust for level of fame. Just not as much going on to keep people engaged with them.
  20. We have to remember Cyndi was already 30 when Girls exploded, sadly if that's ancient today imagine starting your career with that age.

    She had problems at Portrait even before She's So Unusual came out, it's all on her memoir and you can get bits and pieces in interviews throughout her career as well.
    They wouldn't let her write because they wanted to market her as a big girl voice like Streisand and not as a singer-songwriter.
    We also have to remember that before Cyndi/Madonna that was it for women: Big voices singing somebody elses songs (with man calling the shots behind), the singer-songwriter that were not that huge on the charts and the black disco girls. Of course by the late 70s and early 80s people like Olivia NJ and Pat Benatar were kicking the door already but it took Cyndi and She's So Unusual to really break the door, it's crazy to imagine that it was the first female album to have 4 top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100.
    Looking back it was almost a miracle that it happened and if you want to believe Cyndi herself what took Girls to blow up had more to do with her and her manager's work than Portrait's. They wanted Time After Time as the lead and Cyndi had to fight against because she didn't want to be labeled as a ballader.

    Portrait just didn't know how to work with her. True Colors and a Night to Remember were both compromises between what she wanted and what they wanted (I mean, they coupled her with Billy Steinberg/Tom Kelly and gave her songs by Diane Warren). She couldn't write as much as she wanted, she had to fight to arrange and produce songs...

    Madonna on the other hand had fire in her eyes to succeed, had the drive, ambition to "rule the world" and was at Sire with Seymour Stein whom just got her and gave her space to do her thing. His biography is an amazing read btw. Also, Warner really did a great grounding work internationally, Madonna got big in every country in the world, Cyndi did not.
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