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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charmander, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Agreed. I don't think that would've been the cover for "Kindred Spirit" for a second.
  2. Another thing that needs to re-appear somewhere at some point is the completely re-recorded 'A Night To Remember' single remix.
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  3. A Cyndi Singles Box Set is needed thanks.
  4. Yes! I didn't even know this existed until a few days ago.

    I'm headed for a Cyndi binge. Picked up an early pressing of True Colours (I just prefer the look of them), a Remix compilation, and a hardcover copy of her autobiography. More to follow ( I have always wanted a copy of Hatfull Of Stars with the sticker on the front. Mine looks so sad and bare with no text).
  5. I had no idea till now that the European version had different cover art from ours.

    Cyndi pioneering textless covers 25+ years ahead of the trend... her mind!
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  6. I didn't know about that 2nd one until I started searching for the stickered EU one. I'm tempted by the latter as well!

    (And of course I cannot countenance buying any stickered one that's not perfectly aligned).
  7. [​IMG]

    This always comes to mind, although I prefer the cover we got in Europe.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Having a simplified marathon today that distills Cyndi's discography down to just the main pop albums (with her hits package left in the mix).
    1. She's So Unusual
    2. True Colors
    3. A Night To Remember
    4. Hat Full Of Stars
    5. Twelve Deadly Cyns ...And Then Some (Japan)
    6. Sisters Of Avalon
    7. Shine (Japan)
    8. Bring Ya To The Brink (Japan)
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  9. Cyndi really does have great album cover art.
  10. Cyndi looking gorgeous last night at the Tony awards. [​IMG]
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  11. There a few variations of the HFOS cover from around the world. Spain and Brazil have the title printed on the sleeve (top & centred), as does the South Korean (to the left hand-side), the US version without the hat and the stickered European version.

    I have always adored the Hat Full Of Stars cover. Many years ago I bought the Tower Records Toronto hand painted window promo display. When it arrived in the UK, I had it framed in chrome. It is my pride and joy.
  12. I may have to get some of these! It's my favourite Cyndi sleeve.
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  13. Never heard Unabbreviated Love but it slaps. Definitely deserved album status over Like a Cat (which is cute but had b-side energy).
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  14. It certainly does and needs to be on a deluxe edition of the album.

    Sadly, there is not a lot of material from the ANTR era for a deluxe edition.

    There's the following:

    Hole In My Heart (All The Way To China) - Single Version and Video Version (5.16 mins)
    I Drove All Night - Version Especial from the Spanish radio promo 7" (4.41 mins)
    Unabbreviated Love
    A Night To Remember - Single Edit

    I have an edited version of I Don't Want To Be Your Friend (3.51 mins) labelled UK Radio Mix but not sure if this official. There is also the demo version of Across The Universe Cyndi recorded around that time that could be included too.

    Other than the above, the only possible tracks are the recordings from the Kind Spirit sessions that became the A Night To Remember album and demo / rough versions.

    I live in hope that something like this will be released but I doubt it will ever materialise.
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  15. I remember seeing on an old Cyndi fan site that there was allegedly a "Jungle Remix" of I Drove All Night, but I've never see any proof it existed or was released, unless it's that rare mix from the Spanish promo (which I've never heard).

    I've also seen a so-called "Edited Remix" of My First Night Without You which frequently appeared on the single releases. I've only heard a YouTube upload of it, but it sounds identical to the album version to me.
  16. It's also interesting how the disc face differs depending on the edition:

    US Edition:

    UK Edition:

    Japanese Edition:

    Brazilian Edition:

    South Korean Edition:

    Canadian Edition:

    Dutch Promo:
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  17. Probably the only time in my life where I say "I want a Brazilian".
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  18. Wow, damn! I miss that Tower Records. I work down the street from the old location and still get nostalgic about it.

    Do you have a picture of this?
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  19. Well, after some searchin',
    A Night To Remember Deluxe
    The Album
    1, Intro 0:27
    2. I Drove All Night 4:11
    3. Primitive 3:48
    4. My First Night Without You 3:01
    5. Like A Cat 3:25
    6. Heading West 3:55
    7. A Night To Remember 3:43
    8. Unconditional Love 3:56
    9. Insecurious 3:30
    Dancing With A Stranger 4:12
    I Don't Want To Be Your Friend 4:22
    Kindred Spirit 1:16
    13. Hole In My Heart 3:59 [Japan bonus track]

    The bside
    14. Unabbreviated Love 4:18

    The Single versions
    15. My First Night Without You (Edited Remix) 2:59
    16. A Night to Remember (Re-recorded version - E.T. Thorngren single version) 3:43

    The Video versions
    17. Hole In My Heart [Video version] 5:18
    18. I drove All Night [Video version] 4:39

    The Summer Sonic versions
    19. I Drove All Night (Summer Sonic 07) 4:09 [Japan bonus track - 2008 reissue]
    20. Hole In My Heart (Summer Sonic 07) 4:03 [Twelve Deadly Cyns...and Then Some 2008 Japan reissue]

    The Kindred Spirt album aka The Lost Album
    21. Hole In My Heart (All The Way To China)
    22. My First Night Without You
    23. Like A Cat
    24. Unconditional Love
    25. Heading West
    26. Don't Look Back
    27. I Drove All Night
    28. Primitive
    29. Insecurious
    31. Kindred Spirit

    The Lifting Me Up track
    31. Across The Universe

    Dvd - A Night To Remember live in Chile
    I Drove All Night
    Change Of Heart
    Hole In My Heart (All The Way To China)
    A Night To Remember
    Boy Blue
    All Through The Night
    She Bop
    Dancing With A Stranger
    Heading West
    Money Changes Everything
    Unabbreviated Love
    Time After Time
    Girls Just Want To Have Fun
    Kindred Spirit
    True Colors

    A Night To Remember live in Chile was actually aired on tv, you can find it on YT.

    I left All the KS album tracks cos she kinda remixed all of them.
    About Across The Universe, there's a very personal story behind this track.
    This is what the old official site has to say about it:
    It's of course a Beatles' song.

    This song was recorded by Cyndi in 1989. Cyndi worked with Yoko Ono before she did it. Cyndi said she'd sing this song to herself whenever she was down and needed uplifting.

    It is unreleased but was played on a radio show on August 15th 1993. The show was called "Idiots Delite" from NYC's radio station WXRK-FM.

    In the same broadcast, she explained why she recorded this song: it was recorded as a personal thing when she thought she had a tumor, and she wanted to record a song that was important to her. Then she found out that she didn't, and I guess it was no longer important that it get released.
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  20. Take my money NOW.
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