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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charmander, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. New version of Sally’s pigeons!
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  2. Sally’s Pigeons is Cyndi’s most haunting song, it’s sad that it’s more relevant than ever in 2022.
  3. I think so much of Cyndi's material is overlooked, but this is one of her biggest prizes for sure. A bittersweet ride off into the sunset number.

  4. Another of Cyndi's most underrated moments

    Perfectly sums up the feeling of heartbreak.

    "You take it casually, and that's what's killing me"
  5. Happy 29th anniversary Hat full of stars !
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  6. How strange, it didn't appear in the UK until November 15th 1993.
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  7. Release history according to Wiki
    21 May 1993 CD Epic ESCA 5742
    21 June 1993 MD ESYA 1020
    United States - June 1993
    LP ET 52878
    Cassette ET 56878
    United Kingdom - November 1993
    LP 473054 1
    CD 473054 2
    Cassette 473054 4
    MD 473054 8
    Japan - 3 September 2008 CD Sony Music EICP-1042

    It all looks quite peculiar... Who let in the rain was released on June 22, but UK seems to have January 94. That's what I think released in October. In some countries, Sally's pigeons was 2nd single, released on June 15.

    When I was younger, there used to be great fansites with detailed discographies, nowadays even official sites don't care about artist discographies ! And if you're looking for some info, it's a mess !
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  8. Yes, UK only got 2 singles...That's What I Think (Oct 93) and Who Let in Jan 94.

  9. Discogs babe
  10. There seems to have been different release orders for the singles in different territories.

    USA - Who Let in the Rain/That's What I Think
    UK - That's What I Think/Who Let in the Rain
    Japan - Who Let in the Rain/Hat Full of Stars (with TWIT remixes)
    Mainland Europe - Who Let in the Rain/Sally's Pigeons/That's What I Think

    Sally's Pigeons was also re-released in either 1994 or 1995 in some European countries to promote the Twelve Deadly Cyns compilation.

    Another interesting fact about Sally's Pigeons is that it was initially planned to be the lead single in the United States. I can't find it now, but I remember seeing a promo sheet about the then upcoming Hat Full of Stars album and it mentioned that Sally's Pigeons would be serviced as the first single and that a promo video was also ready for Who Let in the Rain (which later was swapped with Sally's Pigeons to be the lead for some reason).
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  11. I do remember That's What I Think being played on radio 1 and seeing Who Let in the Rain a few times on the chart show. The latter I'm sure they were hoping was going to be the albums big single that broke through to be a big top ten hit. A shame Sally's Pigeons wasn't given a UK release although I imagine it sadly might have stalled at no. 32.
    Artist's like Cyndi always seemed to need an absolute killer single for anyone to take notice rather than just really great singles (and I say that knowing Sally's Pigeons is one of her finest).
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  12. Hat Full of Stars may be my favourite Cyndi album (it is hard to chose!).
    Still sounds fresh, exciting and touching at every listen. Don't get me wrong, I quite like A Night to Remember, but Hat Full of Stars is such a triumph that when you compare both it is surpring that they are products from the same artist (and you understand when you get to know her journey).
    I love the videos, her image overall during the era, the tour was great and her best band in my opinion, too bad we don't have any official video / soundboard, but Deadly Cyns... The Tour is out there in audio form, at least!

    Also, That's What I Think remixes, O-M-G.
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  13. Besides the singles, my favourites have always been A Part Hate, Dear John and Someone Like Me. However, I really do feel like Lies is way ahead of what she'll ever be given credit for:

  14. Omg and Cold being one of her very best b-sides:

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  15. There are many great tracks from that era, but this is a titletrack!

    the lyrics are simply poetry
  16. Hatful is easily my favourite Cyndi era. Even moreso since reading her book.
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  17. Hat Full Of Stars is such a good album, the best since her debut at that stage of her career.
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  18. Wow can’t believe it’s been over 6 years since Cyndi released an album - 2016’s “Detour”. Is there any news if she is recording any new music?
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