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Cynthia Boyce (Mysterious Lyric Leaking Twitter Account)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Cynthia Boyce is not a new Popstar, but a twitter a mysterious Twitter recently discovered who seems to have been leaking Pop lyrics for years unbeknownst to all.


    September 2013: Blow lyrics

    April 2014: First Love lyrics

    November 2014: Ring Off Lyrics

    November 2013: Brooklyn Nights

    May 1st 2015: Pretty Girls lyrics (not quite sure if these lyrics were out at that point)

    Here's where it gets really interesting. For the last couple days the account has been posting what are allegedly new Katy and Taylor lyrics.

    Apparently new Katy material

    "Nightmare" apparently a Dr Luke produced Miley track

    Today the account posted a short Vocaroo snippet of Nightmare:

    The account then tweeted a title "Bad Photographs", artist unknown.

    Then, today the account is leaking lyrics from a new Taylor song called "Battle" recorded sometimes between Red and 1989.

    This is crazy. Sort of ominous too.
  2. Color me intrigued.
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  3. If you go back far enough they apparently posted a bunch of Britney Jean lyrics a couple of days before it leaked as well.
  4. Bad Photographs is a Katy song, recorded for Prism.
  5. Country Club Martini Crew.
  6. Need more information. Too mysterious. Is it Samantha Mumba?
  7. That profile picture is going to give me nightmares.
  8. I find this utterly fascinating. Mysterious insiders who don't draw attention to themselves by revealing their insider knowledge as a way of stoking their self-importance always pique my interest. Who is this person? She has been leaking these lyrics for years, seemingly waitinng for people to catch up with her. It has to be someone within the industry, and not just someone who gets gossip passed to them at pubs. Angela Cheng fascinated me too, and though she wasn't an 'insider' as such, it was clear she wasn't quite what she seemed.

    Cynthia Boyce is the alias of a gay man, surely. It sounds like the name of a supermodel!
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  9. I was reading about this yesterday - absolutely amazing and terrifying haha. Someone on ATRL said you can change the date you posted a tweet but I don't have Twitter so have no idea if that is true?
  10. I'm inclined to believe this. They remixed most of the songs mentioned here (Blow, Alien, First Love) and their fans of all the artists this Twitter posts about. Plus, they do have the connections...

    I think their profile picture is supposed to be a Britney or Taylor doll, I'm almost positive I've seen it before.
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  11. Yeah - the obvious clue is that pretty much all of these artists have worked extensively in the pocket of the industry that includes Dr Luke, Max Martin, Cirkuit, Bonnie McKee etc etc so it has to be somebody friendly with them

    Don't forget that Lucas from Country Club Martini Crew was the one who made that unofficial acoustic version of Perfume and Passenger that featured the original Sia vocal stems - so he obviously has access to all this stuff.
  12. The other thing is that all these artists are either singed with Sony or Universal, so the connection probably lies there.

    They also made that acoustic version of the Prism album, as well as those "Pop Goes Live" acoustic albums. Their Facebook page is littered with them.
  13. How intriguing.
  14. Angela Cheng whew?
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  15. [​IMG]

    Ha impact.
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  16. I can confirm it is actually an iconic Popjustice member.
  17. Extra olives just won't do.
  18. Backwards her name is Ecyob Aihtnyc. Unfortunately that contributes very little to finding her true identity.
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