DA BAWPS R HERE DOE! - Flops, Drops, & Random Bops: A Girl Groups Rate (WINNER <3)


Many of these groups may not have ever been critically acclaimed, but my rate for damn sure is!
Just look:









Social media is buzzing too. Even some of our favorite girl groups queens are excited about supporting their colleagues:





Why Host This Rate?

This is Popjustice. Popjustice celebrates girl groups. We know this. Plenty of blood has been spilled by the countless stan wars between fandoms. We know this too. However, the spotlight never shines on some of the smaller groups. There were groups that fell apart right when they started getting momentum. Some had their fifteen minutes of fame before falling off the proverbial cliff. While others never gained any popularity outside of this forum. This is a rate for the girl groups who will probably never get their own rate and should have their music celebrated in some manner. When the idea for this rate came to mind, I was actually focused on finding a way to rate Mini Viva and G.R.L. Most people around here would tell you that their short-lived careers were iconic. The only problem was we couldn't hold a rate with 8 singles. Then I realized that there are several other acts that fall under the same category. So a list of singles started to blossom rather quickly because for every Girls Aloud, Sugababes, The Saturdays, or Spice Girls, there were hundreds of groups who wanted to be the next them.

Why Did You Choose These Songs?

When you're dealing with a rate like this, I always find it’s best to give every act a chance to shine; so that means choosing their singles. I tried to only pick groups that I felt would never inspire a full discography rate of their own. Some decisions in this regard are admittedly borderline (like Mis-Teeq or Aly & AJ), but I decided to add their songs anyway. Some groups are still active and could become big (who knows?), but I decided it wasn't going to hurt anyone by rating a couple of their songs now. I always chose the best charting singles and quickly found out that I was getting 100% bops, because floppy girl groups usually release basic bops (just the way I love it). That being said, when I added new songs to the list in the later stages and two or more singles had similar chart numbers, I always chose the bop. I also decided on a rough timeline of 1998-2016 and limited the late 90s/early 00s to the most iconic songs because things could really start to sound dated otherwise. With variety in mind, I limited most acts to three songs or less. The only exceptions to that rule are Neon Jungle, Girlicious, and GRL which embody the spirit of this rate and helped inspire it in the first place.

Why Should I Participate?

Do you love girl groups? Do you love basic bops? If you look over this list and you find that you already know and enjoy a good chunk of it, I strongly suggest that you vote. Sure, there is going to be a song here and there that might produce "oh hell no!" reactions, but I guarantee you will have fun along the way. Plus, it will lead to fun commentary and great atmosphere during the reveals. I promise that each and every one of you are going to find at least one new favorite just by voting in this rate. I fully expect there were be multiple discoveries from everyone though. Just have an open mind and know that none of these songs really take a lot of time to hook you. They were built to reveal themselves to you in one to two plays. It should make the voting process fun and certainly not a chore. There are a few songs that will make most people go "Hew?" and I recognize that. I put them there as personal choices and believe they are songs everyone should hear at least once. In most cases, they're songs that got positive feedback from everyone I play them for and they hold a special place in my heart. Now, I did not troll this rate with random teen-pop groups and I certainly could of, so just know that I did not get out of control (n n n n ). I made sure that most of Popjustice would find these songs at least listenable.

Voting Rules

This is supposed to be an ultra positive rate where hopefully fun vibes will rule the day, but I will throw out obvious troll votes from people who are just here for one or two acts.

Score every song from 0-10 and yes you can give that one 11 to your ultimate favorite (Good luck with that!) Decimal-point scores are allowed (They help break ties)

Commentary is of course encouraged, but if you feel like you are limited by time please send in the scores at minimum. You can always comment along the way too!
(i.e. You can provide incredible live vocals, unlike most of the groups here)


You will have plenty of time because voting closes on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) at Midnight EST. I am taking two weeks off from work that day, so results will be on the regular!


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#2. Mis-Teeq - Scandalous - 8.983
#4. Mini Viva - One Touch - 8.783
#5. Mini Viva - I Wish - 8.473
#7. Mini Viva - I Left My Heart In Tokyo - 8.383
#8. Neon Jungle - Braveheart - 8.367
#9. Neon Jungle - Trouble - 8.133
#12. The 411 - Dumb - 7.850
#14. Mis-Teeq - All I Want - 7.717
#17. Girls Can't Catch - Keep Your Head Up - 7.617
#20. Neon Jungle - Welcome To The Jungle - 7.450
#21. Solid Harmonie - I Want You To Want Me - 7.400
#21. Soundgirl - Don't Know Why - 7.400
#23. Neon Jungle - Louder - 7.367
#23. Stooshe - Black Heart - 7.367
#28. Precious - Say it Again - 7.233
#29. Girls Can't Catch - Echo - 7.117
#29. Clea - Download It - 7.117
#43. Parade - Louder - 6.767
#44. Frank - I'm Not Shy - 6.667
#48. Dolly Rockers - Gold Digger - 6.633
#53. Electrovamp - Instinctual - 6.483
#56. Electrovamp - I Don't Like The Vibe In The VIP - 6.383
#64. Clea - Lucky Like That - 6.217
#65. Parade - Perfume - 6.183
#68. Neon Jungle - Can't Stop The Love - 6.117
#69. Dolly Rockers - Je Suis Un Dolly? - 6.100



#1. GRL - Ugly Heart - 9.367
#3. Aly & AJ - Potential Breakup Song - 8.897
#10. GRL - Vacation - 8.100
#11. GRL - Lighthouse - 8.033
#13. Girlicious - Maniac - 7.767
#15. Dream - He Loves U Not - 7.700
#16. GRL - Show Me What You Got - 7.667
#25. BG5 - Scratch - 7.300
#31. 3LW - No More (Baby I'ma Do Right) - 7.100
#35. Girlicious - 2 In The Morning - 7.000
#36. Girlicious - Like Me - 6.800
#37. Paradiso Girls - Petron Tequila - 6.983
#39. Destinee & Paris - True Love - 6.907
#40. Blaque - Bring It All To Me - 6.900
#41. 702 - Where My Girls At? - 6.883
#48. Dumblonde - Remember Me - 6.633
#55. Girlicious - Over You - 6.427
#57. Dumblonde - White Lightning - 6.350
#59. Dream - This Is Me - 6.337
#60. Girlicious - Baby Doll - 6.320
#61. Cimorelli - I Got You - 6.317
#62. 3LW - Playa Gon Play - 6.300
#65. Eden's Crush - Get Over Yourself - 6.183
#70. School Gyrls - Something Like A Party - 5.900
#76. GRL - Wild Wild Love - 5.483

#78. Paradiso Girls - Who's My Bitch - 5.050



#6. Icona Pop - I Love It - 8.467
#17. Icona Pop - All Night - 7.617
#19. M2M - Don't Say You Love Me - 7.522
#26. Play - Famous - 7.267
#27. Sweet California - Good Life - 7.263
#31. Bellefire - Say Something Anyway - 7.100
#33. Stockholm Syndrome - Kalabalik - 7.050
#34. Serebro - Mama Lover - 7.017
#38. Dolly Style - Cherry Gum - 6.917
#42. Serebro - My Money - 6.783
#45. Queensberry - No Smoke - 6.663
#46. Queensberry - Too Young - 6.650
#47. Queensberry - Girl Like Me - 6.640
#48. Bellefire - Perfect Bliss - 6.633
#51. Serebro - Song #1 - 6.500
#51. Sweet California - Infatuated - 6.500
#54. Stockholm Syndrome - Karma - 6.450
#57. Popsie - Rough Enough - 6.350
#63. Sweet California - This Is The Life - 6.283
#67. Stockholm Syndrome - Pretty Girl - 6.133
#70. Soccx - Scream Out Loud - 5.900
#72. Play - Us Against The World - 5.883
#73. Queensberry - Timeless - 5.827
#74. Excellence - Need To Know (Eenie Meenie Miny Moe) - 5.817
#75. Soccx - From Dusk Till Dawn (Get The Party Started) - 5.810
#77. Lucky Twice - Lucky - 5.150
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PM Song-List:

(for easier voting)

The 411 - Dumb
Clea - Download It
Clea - Lucky Like That
Dolly Rockers - Gold Digger
Dolly Rockers - Je Suis Une Dolly?
Electrovamp - I Don't Like The Vibe In The VIP
Electrovamp - Instinctual
Frank - I’m Not Shy
Girls Can't Catch - Echo
Girls Can't Catch - Keep Your Head Up
Mini Viva - I Wish
Mini Viva - Left My Heart In Tokyo
Mini Viva - One Touch
Mis-Teeq - All I Want
Mis-Teeq - Scandalous
Neon Jungle - Braveheart
Neon Jungle - Can't Stop The Love
Neon Jungle - Louder
Neon Jungle - Trouble
Neon Jungle - Welcome To The Jungle
Parade - Louder
Parade - Perfume
Precious - Say It Again
Solid Harmonie - I Want You To Want Me
Soundgirl - Don't Know Why
Stooshe - Black Heart

3LW - No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)
3LW - Playas Gon Play
702 - Where My Girls At?
Aly & AJ - Potential Breakup Song
BG5 - Scratch
Blaque - Bring it All To Me
Cimorelli - I Got You
Destinee & Paris - True Love
Dream - He Loves U Not
Dream - This Is Me
Dumblonde - Remember Me
Dumblonde - White Lightning
Eden's Crush - Get Over Yourself
Girlicious - 2 In The Morning
Girlicious - Baby Doll
Girlicious - Like Me
Girlicious - Maniac
Girlicious - Over You
GRL - Lighthouse
GRL - Show Me What You Got
GRL - Ugly Heart
GRL - Vacation
GRL - Wild Wild Love
Paradiso Girls - Petron Tequila
Paradiso Girls - Who's My Bitch
School Gyrls - Something Like A Party

Bellefire - Perfect Bliss
Bellefire - Say Something Anyway
Dolly Style - Cherry Gum
Excellence - Need To Know (Eenie Meenie Miny Moe)
Icona Pop - All Night
Icona Pop - I Love It
Lucky Twice - Lucky
M2M - Don't Say You Love Me
Play - Famous
Play - Us Against The World
Popsie - Rough Enough
Queensberry - Girl Like Me
Queensberry - No Smoke
Queensberry - Timeless
Queensberry - Too Young
Serebro - Mama Lover
Serebro - My Money
Serebro - Song #1
Soccx - From Dusk Till Dawn (Get The Party Started)
Soccx - Scream Out Loud
Stockholm Syndrome - Kalabalik
Stockholm Syndrome - Karma
Stockholm Syndrome - Pretty Girl
Sweet California - Good Life
Sweet California - Infatuated
Sweet California - This Is The Life
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So many good songs. I have honestly no idea what the top 10 will look like.

I can see two potential 11s (two songs I consider absolute all-times favourites), but I'm torn between the popular song that will probably do extremely well and the basic one that will probably flop terribly.
I have to vote on this just for the effort in the OP alone. Good job!

Neon Jungle/Dumblonde/GRL deserve to occupy the T10 in one form or another.

And of course:

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Don't you do my Girlicious girls wrong.....


I'm not expecting them to win but they deserve at least one song in the top 10. I think I can predict the winner already but we'll see...

Deleted member 3416

This is the original version of Download It by Clea

The music video only has the re-recording, I much prefer this version personally.