DA BAWPS R HERE DOE! - Flops, Drops, & Random Bops: A Girl Groups Rate (WINNER <3)

This is not how I wanted to repay one of our amazing guest hosts.

#41. 702 - Where My Girls At? - 6.883


Highest: 11 (@londonrain) 10 x 7 (@Sprockrooster, @iheartpoptarts, @ohdenny, @Robsolete, @slaybellz, @Conan)

Lowest: 2 x 2 (@Elysium, @Shockbox)

Song Charted: #4 USA // #5 Canada // #22 UK // #11 USA Year-End (1999)

Certified: Gold (USA)

Where My Girls At? was released as the group's lead single for their self-titled second album and remains their most well-known song by far. It was originally intended to be on TLC's Fanmail and was written and produced by Missy Elliott.


(8) - I have small story behind why I know and love this tune. My best friend throughout high school was a metalhead (like me at the time). Our favorite bands at the time were Korn, Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, Linkin Park, System of a Down, etc. He still listens to all of that and also classic rock like Guns n Roses, Aerosmith, etc. However, for some damn reason we always would play this song. At the time I thought we were enjoying it ironically, but when I look back on it I seriously think we actually stanned for the song. He, my brother (who always hung out with us), and I would crank it up whenever it came on the radio and we all knew every word. Then would jam out to Slipknot afterwards. Life's unexplained anomalies.


Nah Normani, these scores are starting to get boring.

(2) - Never heard of this group or song until this rate. No wonder. Boooorrriiinnngggg.


Yeah but the chorus gives everyone instant-swag just by getting their life to it, so no.

(3.5) - Why are they walking down that corridor in black so meekly? There’s no purpose or swagger. You’re meant to be popstars! It’s also not good that this is my first impression of them rather than critiquing the song.


Mutya wanted a drug-bawp and was left disappointed.

(4) - Oh they're not singing "tryna take my meds". Boring


This how I felt when I first heard "Like Mariah".

(4.5) - Hmmmmm this starts off questionably with that tuneless mumbling and it… uh… doesn't get much better.


This how I felt when listening to most of Taller.

(5) - pleasant enough, nothing special.


At least Frankie had taste back in the day.

(6) - I used to love this so fucking much, thinking it was fierce, but I fail to see why I got excited back then. It’s a nice little throwback to the early ‘00s, but other than that it ain’t all that. And those vocals… Gurls.


Nadine remembers the days when we'd have the blank cassette ready to record our radio favorites.

(9.5) - Always reminds me of playing the radio until I would fall asleep in my Buzz-Lightyear themed top bunk. I never explored 702 outside of this. I do wish TLC recorded it (so does Chili!) like originally intended because then it would probably be better remembered.


Thank you Cheryl! This is exactly what I'm talking about!

(10) - if you play this song at a party, everyone in their 20s will sing the chorus together. this is a proven fact.

It's really one of those "it doesn't matter who you" are songs.


I don't even recall telling Baby Spice the story behind this. I'm impressed she remembered.

(10) - Didn’t you randomly stan for this back in your Linkin Park days? I would’ve been right there with you!


You girls are on fire today, because Diana has the exact same kind of memories.

(10) - This bringing so much memories. It wasnot one of the first moments RnB managed to break through my rock-based music life. Both 'The Boy Is Mine' and 'Case of the Ex' fall in this category and together with this song form a holy trinity for 90's RnB. Going back to this decade later in life also gave me the likes of Janet, but those three songs cemented it all together.

Songs like "Keep Holding On", "Everytime We Touch", and a few others were when I was ready to become a full-on pop fan, but songs like this, "Torn", "Genie In A Bottle", "Candy", and some others were back when I secretly/subconsciously stanned for pop.


Keisha got to live her dreams out with the Sugababes.

(11) - I had dreams of walking down corridors with my bandmates singing this with maximum sass. This fit perfectly into the R&B landscape of the time, and it's a real shame nothing else they did matched its success (although the album was solid).

***TOP 40***



The 411 - Dumb
Clea - Download It
Girls Can't Catch - Echo
Girls Can't Catch - Keep Your Head Up
Mini Viva - I Wish
Mini Viva - Left My Heart In Tokyo
Mini Viva - One Touch
Mis-Teeq - All I Want
Mis-Teeq - Scandalous
Neon Jungle - Braveheart
Neon Jungle - Louder
Neon Jungle - Trouble
Neon Jungle - Welcome To The Jungle
Precious - Say It Again
Solid Harmonie - I Want You To Want Me
Soundgirl - Don't Know Why
Stooshe - Black Heart



3LW - No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)
Aly & AJ - Potential Breakup Song
BG5 - Scratch
Blaque - Bring it All To Me
Destinee & Paris - True Love
Dream - He Loves U Not
Girlicious - 2 In The Morning
Girlicious - Like Me
Girlicious - Maniac
GRL - Lighthouse
GRL - Show Me What You Got
GRL - Ugly Heart
GRL - Vacation
Paradiso Girls - Petron Tequila



Bellefire - Say Something Anyway
Dolly Style - Cherry Gum
Icona Pop - All Night
Icona Pop - I Love It
M2M - Don't Say You Love Me
Play - Famous
Serebro - Mama Lover
Stockholm Syndrome - Kalabalik
Sweet California - Good Life​

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I've updated my guest reveals with chart positions and a little information about the groups too. Forgot to do that originally.... oops!
(8) - I have small story behind why I know and love this tune. My best friend throughout high school was a metalhead (like me at the time). Our favorite bands at the time were Korn, Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, Linkin Park, System of a Down, etc. He still listens to all of that and also classic rock like Guns n Roses, Aerosmith, etc. However, for some damn reason we always would play this song. At the time I thought we were enjoying it ironically, but when I look back on it I seriously think we actually stanned for the song. He, my brother (who always hung out with us), and I would crank it up whenever it came on the radio and we all knew every word. Then would jam out to Slipknot afterwards. Life's unexplained anomalies.​
I love this story.

Also ya'll wrong for this being out so early.
I don't know if you know this, but we have a couple of major boy-band fans among our voters.

They won't like this.


#40. Blaque - Bring It All To Me - 6.900


Highest: 10 x 4 (@iheartpoptarts, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @ohdenny, @Conan)

Lowest: 0 (@Shockbox) 3 x 2 (@GhettoPrincess, @Filler)

Song Charted: #5 USA // #7 Canada // #6 NZ // #30 USA Year-End (2000)

Easily their most recognizable hit, though UK fans might argue for "808" since it was the one song to also chart there. It actually samples "I Don't Wanna Be The Last To Know" by Shalamar...I know, hew? Both the album and remix version feature JC Chavez, but the song has always been credited as featuring the entire *NSYNC band. They had three albums, but nothing was successful after their platinum self-titled debut. They tried to reunite in 2012, but when group member Natina Reed died being hit by car, they obviously decided to call it quits.


(9) - Their swag-n-sass, the silky smooth piano loop, and most of all the catchy as hell chorus always bring me back to 1999 in an instant. It's crazy that this ends up right after 702, because they both have similar memories for me. They all sound amazing, but it's always Natina's raspy vocals that win the day for me, plus she was the one I was crushing on as a teenager. I scratch my head at where JC's feature comes into play, because it's not in the video and that's the only version of the song I know. I probably over-scored it a tad, but nostalgia reigned supreme here.


Okay, so maybe Mutya answers my question for me.

(3) - Wikipedia tells me that awful warbling man is JC Chasez? It's no "Bye Bye Bye" is it. It's no "All Day Long I Dream About Sex" is it. It's no "Plug It In" is it.


Michelle remembers her competitors well from back in the day.

(5.5) - I’m sad that As If isn’t in this rate as it’s the better song.


Sorry Hiedi, but this isn't my area of expertise.

(7) - Does JC Chasez actually have thug appeal?


Okay, so it is a different version.

(8) - I've always loved this. The version featuring *NSYNC (or JC basically) is a laugh.


Keisha will catch on eventually.

(8.5) - Is that really JC from 'N Sync?!


Diana is as confused as I am.

(9) - That second verse is lit. But the non-feature of *N'Sync is a bit weird.


Frankie provides the shade like didn't have JC posters all over her bedroom walls.

(9) - See, I like this a lot more than the other, more cold, R&B songs that preceded this song in the rate. It’s actually quite fun and light. Plus, JC ha never ending reign finally showing up where he should… The flop ghurls r8.


Melanie makes a rare appearance to drop some more info about their discography.

(9.5) - Good song but "As If" and "I'm Good" are the superior Blaque songs.


After hearing this, Cheryl went looking for some of old mixtapes.

(10) - this song was my childhood! Between 3LW, 702, and Blaque, I feel like I’m back in 5th grade all over again.


Baby Spice knows me all too well.

(10) - I’m lowkey wishing this was the version with JC from *NSYNC, because how iconic would it be if this rate had a surprise boyband appearance? (“Not at all.” –You)

"Regular Version"

"JC Version"

Okay, I actually remember this version for some reason. dddd


"As If"

"I'm Good"

The fact that they made the Top 40 is more than victory for me.

#39. Destinee & Paris - True Love - 6.907


Highest: 10 x 3 (@iheartpoptarts, @unnameable, DJHazey)

Lowest: 0 (@Shockbox) For God's sake.

As I mapped out earlier when I discussed Clique Girlz, Destinee and Paris Monroe are sisters that decided to try to continue their careers after CG. They did backing vocals for season 10 of American idol in 2011, appeared on Disney channel shows, and opened for Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale Tour in Europe. They did a show called "I'm On A Roll" for the 'Despicable Me' soundtrack. They were supposedly working on their debut album, Heart Of Mine, with Red One, but it never happened and there is less happiness in the world because of it.


(10) - I actually discovered Clique Girlz only a few years ago and I have Last.FM's similar artist searches to thank for it. They used to have a 'my music neighborhood' thing on Last.FM that would help you find people with the most similar taste. This is how I found a user named 'smurfay' on the site and if you think I like teen-pop you know nothing until you've seen this person's profile. Anyhow, they absolutely STAN for Clique Girlz (and 5Angels) and follow all the girl's solo careers and everything. They've met them and everything. Well one day I was pointed towards "True Love" and I instantly fell in love with it. Fast-forward a couple of years and I entered this in a PJSC contest and received my first ever top 10 (#9), so I made some new fans then and hopefully made some with this rate. I can't urge you enough to check out Clique Girlz and their album Incredible. What do I love about the song the most? Well really just how it builds towards the chorus with those understated verses and of course the broken-down word delivery of the title for emphasis, like...



This is exactly how I feel when I read these kind of comments.

(4) - True Indifference

Find your jesus, find your cupid.


I had no idea what this meant until google-image searched and found something about "white baby names".


You're lost.


Keisha will never understand the art of loving a basic bop.

(6) - This is just okay. Not a fan of the two-note pre-chorus or the one-note "this can be true love" bit, but it's not bad.

DO NOT post a "I've never experienced that emotion.gif", dddd.


Nadine finally understands why the basic-bangers club has a shrine with The Fame (and Animal) in the center of it. On Wednesdays, we pray that R&B blandness and tropical house die, while electro-pop makes another comeback.

(6.5) - I am cackling at the literal rip off of GaGa's look in the Just Dance video. GaGa really did inspire a solid two years of electro pop didn't she?? Incredible. Anyway, this song is basic and very Tammy Chynn but harmless.


NO. Read my information above and atone for these lies.

(7) - Who are these girls and how much did their father by some record company for them to get to release a song? Still kinda bopping though and it is nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.


It's just not enough for Michelle's high standards I guess.

(7) - It’s basic AF but I still bop. The bridge is awfully weak, but a nice chorus.


Wait Posh and what rate are you running again?

(7.5) - Mmkay, basic but enjoyable. I like the verses.


I'm sure I remember getting high points in the PJSC so where was the 10?

(8) - Such a guilty pleasure!


I love hearing that D&P can be compared to such a legendary pop moment.

(8) - You. Make. Me. Feel like I’m listening. To Teen. Age. Dream.


Oh but Diana already had the comparisons covered.

(8) - If Teenage Dream and Dirty Talk got a lovechild it was this. And I want those umbrella's as shown in the video.


Hopefully Nicola has added to her library since saying this.

(9.5) - So THAT’S what they were called! These girls opened for Britney Spears in my hometown a bunch of years ago and I’ve always meant to look them up ever since. The song does not disappoint and has brought back a lot of memories of that particular time.


Wait, Heidi you wouldn't happen to use the name 'smurfay' on Last.FM, would you?

(10) - I love Destinee & Paris


It was the moment I went from anonymous to slightly above anonymous for Baby Spice.

(10) - I’ve got such a soft spot for this one. I think it might just be when I first realized you were flawless.

jk, thank you for your lovely comment. I've gotten quite the reputation on PJSC for just entering random teen-pop bops without any intention of placing that highly on leaderboard. This was one of the few times it worked out anyway.

I really wanted to do this so mess @ me missing the deadline. I was having rate burnout after the several others I had to get done dddd. I still wanna follow along though and I know I'm late as fuck as here's some commentary:

Who's My Bitch - This is a complete & utter trainwreck but I lowkey fucking love it. Everything from THAT sample to the weird ass BDSM outfits in the video. Iconic
Something Like A Party - It's like every possible American flop ingredient is thrown in here (including the fact that they have a CHRISTMAS ALBUM). After relistening to the song, it kind of bops but something about this is just... off.
Je Suis Une Dolly? - This is honestly legendary.
This Is The Life - I didn't get to this one in my initial ratings but I gave it a listen and I was not expecting to hear fucking Now That I Found You in the chorus. Of all the songs on God's green earth to rip off... NTIFY goes awf though and this kind of bops lowkey dddd don't tell anyone.
I Got You - Cimorelli was/is tragic but @DJHazey played this in Plug.DJ once forever ago and I got my life a bit (to the point that it's in my iTunes dddd). It sounds a bit cheap but the chorus goes off.
Dumblonde - Dreamsicle should've been one of their songs here because that instantly would've been my 11. It's absolutely incredible. I'm not particularly attached to the songs they have here so eh.
Electrovamp - I Don't Like the Vibe In The VIP is some Millionaires go to the UK level mess (lowkey Millionaires should've been in this for the kiis). Instinctual goes the fuck OFF though.

Shout out to y'all for keeping what was probably gonna be my 11 aka Patron Tequila in this long. Literally iconic.