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Dagny - Strangers/Lovers (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, May 25, 2016.

  1. This EP is a very nice fix of that sugary and well produced scandipop that always works for me.
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  2. Paris is excellent and high key better than either of the two singles so far. It's gorgeous. The sugar rush being toned down just a bitsy is a nice relief actually. Tension is equally great.
  3. Coulda Woulda Shoulda is THE ONE right now.

    God I love her.
  4. Tension is just...magical. Sampling herself on that sublime middle eight? She knows her own power.

    Paris is THE one.

    I need an album NOW.
  5. RJF


    This is a cute EP. Katy Perry should steal more of her melodies.
  6. New interview where she confirms Side B is out in September:
  7. September is quite a ways away. If she didn’t want people to digest them as EPS maybe she shouldn’t have such long gaps???
  8. To be honest, I was fully expecting her to get dropped and never hear from her again so the fact that we got this great EP is more than enough for me nn. If she wants to wait a little for the next one, I don't mind. There was a pretty quick run from the first single to EP release so I'm sure it'll be the same next time around.
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  9. Probably just the quarantine but Paris made me cry today.
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  10. I've listened to this a lot since it released. It's full of earworm bops!

    Somebody is so amazing.
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  11. The EP is solid! Somebody is still my favorite, but it's a really nice collection of solid Pop tunes. Excited to hear Side B.
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  12. I thought this was very cute

    so I spent the last day and a half bopping to Strangers/Lovers while working on an illustration:


    which I figured y'all might appreciate.
  13. Sam


    we don't need

  14. I love this! Obsessed with 'Paris'.
  15. Brexiteers be like

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  16. While I've been obsessed with Carly Rae's "Side B", this is getting a lot of plays in between. All six tracks are really great.
  17. I haven't stopped playing Paris (and the rest of the EP, but I keep going back to Paris) all week.
  18. I gave this another listen tonight and I love it. As many of you say, Paris is gorgeous.
  19. I certainly do. Thanks for sharing. It's very cute!

    I really like the EP, too, but I would love a full album with all of the singles. I know, it's not going to happen, but her discography is so solid and I love her songwriting so much. I relate to many thoughts/feelings and I like how some songs chain up storywise (e.g. the early stage of getting to know someone in the form of "You Should Come Over", laying aside any doubts about getting hurt again and commit to a person as in "That Feeling When", the raw passion of being with someone you lust for ("Wearing Nothing"), etc).
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  20. Live performance of Coulda Woulda Shoulda:

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