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Dagny - Strangers/Lovers (Side A)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, May 25, 2016.

  1. Gay heaven? You mean:

  2. It's fine, not bad, but not "gay heaven". It sort of sounds like a Sigrid song.
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  3. Oh for gods sakes, it's amazing! The drums! 'Run Away with Me' (gasp, sacrilege) meets 'Never Really Over' but still very Dagny. It's what we all wanted from Carly Rae...

    Only quibble: it's too short; need a second final chorus, but damn
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  4. This is... I'm crying.
  5. Yeah, this is absolutely stunning. Her best release since Wearing Nothing; the kind of thing most of our favs could only dream of releasing.
  6. This is an absolute bop, a self actualised banger. The production is so smooth, the chorus has a real kick to it, the middle 8 is lovely and that final chorus is fire.
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  7. ‘Come Over’ is a pop excellence, bow down.
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  8. This is one of those songs you know you'll be playing for months before the first chorus is even over. She sounds so good.
  9. aux


    I love this. Here’s hoping there’s an actual album coming.
  10. Yeah it’s a ‘bop’ but every single melody and production choice is so predictable? It’s peak scandi synth pop and not in a good way. It does what Sigrid was doing two years ago, and it wasn’t even fresh back then.
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  11. It is predictable. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet which is a shame because I've loved pretty much all her singles since More More More.
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  12. This knocks and sounds so triumphant. I love it!
  13. This is just so damn euphoric. I love it. Screw men, songs like this is why I’m gay.
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  15. What a video.
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  16. S*grid hasn't released a song even close to this good after Don't Kill My Vibe, so y'all can stop mentioning her. Come Over is a bit formulaic, but it's executed so well that I don't even care.
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  17. 2014

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    She's so watchable! But this is far from her best, but is still good!
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  18. “Strangers” would like a word.

    The comparison to Sigrid wasn’t supposed to be pejorative! It’s a decent song. But it’s very typically Scandinavian and to me it lacks that “oh my god I’m going to fall off my chair je téléphone à la police” element that, say, “Run Away With Me” has, to use another comparison thrown around this thread.

    Anyway, I’m really happy she’s going to put an album out. “Backbeat” is an all time classic.
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  19. Ugh you always display such TASTE.

    Come Over is so joyful and I hope she gives us an album soon (and that she does the Selena Gomez thing of adding Love You Like That and More More More as bonus tracks)
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  20. It literally sounds like Mine Right Now by S*gr*d but it’s still a damn bop.
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