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Dagny - Strangers/Lovers (Side A)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, May 25, 2016.

  1. The BOP we all needed right now.

    I love it!
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  2. Even thought I like Harleys, imagine if this was the collab Katy held on to and not Puth dd.
    Bangers only.
  3. Another gorgeous song from her. She is so good at pop.
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  4. This is amazing as always but girl... where is the album?
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  5. The outro is stunning, gals.
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  6. Time to change the threads name or make a new one.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is incredible - it's not reinventing anything or completely earth-shattering, it's just....properly good pop.
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  8. LOVE Somebody. Dagny is so great at creating such well crafted, euphoric, high quality Pop songs.
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  9. I can’t stop listening to this.
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  10. God I love when a scandi-girl just releases a clean, competent, well produced slice of scandi-pop. It's not groundbreaking but I'll use, especially in these times of doom and gloom.
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    Just caught the video and it's a delight! Her smile is so infectious. She's so great.
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  12. Side A tracklist from The Line of Best Fit:
    1. Come Over
    2. Somebody
    3. Paris
    4. Let Me Cry
    5. Coulda Woulda Shoulda
    6. Tension

    Paris was performed last year as part of a live show for NRK:
  13. "Somebody" sounds universal and specific at the same time (music for H&M dressing rooms/Freeform shows), she's consistently great but there's just little room in the current music landscape for her. Hopefully things will start moving now that she's indie.
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  14. I don’t think she’s indie? Universal Music Norway still comments on her Instagram posts/promotes her etc.

  15. @nooniebao Seems like she remains signed to Universal in Norway? But in the US it’s credited to Little Daggers Records which I’m guessing is her own label.
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  16. The label situation is a bit confusing: she's signed to Universal Music Norway/Polydor Germany for Europe and a few other places, and she releases through her own label/INgrooves everywhere else.
  17. She used to be on Republic Records in the US but probably got quietly dropped.
  18. Did she shoot the video recently?
  19. As I wasn't really sold on Come Over, this one do all the work for me. It's nothing groundbreaking but it's a good, synth scandibop. I'm looking forward for first part of her album.
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  20. it was shot in December (got this from the IG account of the director)
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