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Dagny - Strangers/Lovers

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, May 25, 2016.

  1. Since I had already listened too much to Side A, I had been kind of disappointed with the album since I wanted much more new material.

    I think "It’s Only A Heartbreak" is one of my Dagny's favorite tracks though. I wouldn't have included "Bad at Love (Interlude)" (it's like a demo) and "Coast to Coast" (too different from the Dagny's sound).

    The album is great, but when you've already listened to most tracks of the album it seems like it's not something 100% new.
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  3. I tried with this, since I was a fan of Wearing Nothing, but this album is dull as dishwater for me.
  4. 'Somebody' is a perfect pop song.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is such a great album!! Moment, Paris and Somebody are my top 3, but her voice is just....perfect for this pop soundscape.
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  6. “Will you ever release Let It Rain, Deny It, Say It Like You Mean It or Champagne Problems?”

    “I actually did consider Let It Rain and Deny It for this album. I get so many questions about them which obviously means that they’ve struck a nerve with a lot of people on our tours, which is super nice. I might release them someday!”

    - Dagny via her newsletter.
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  7. I love her so much it hurts. I haven't stopped listening to the album since it's release. She deserves everything.
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  8. Performance of Somebody at P3 Gull:

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  9. Aw, I'm so happy for her! I have no idea what a P3 Gull is, but glad she's getting recognition. "Somebody" truly is one of the best songs of the year.
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  10. I think it's a bit like the Norway's version of the Grammys... but less of a con as the industry is so small.
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  11. This album is still up there in my top 3 of the year. Not one single skippable song. Such a consistent, cohesive, joyous listen. She is so so talented, glad to see her get some recognition at least.
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  12. P3 Gull is the annual awards of the Norwegian radio station NRK P3. This radio station has most listeners below the age of 35 (or is it 30, it is one of those, though). The Norwegian equivalent to The Grammys is called Spellemannprisen. The committee will have a tough time choosing their nominees this year. Several Norwegian artists have released new music which have received good reviews. (Astrid S, Ane Brun, Emilie Nicolas, Dagny, Annie and Maria Mena among the women).
  13. Gorgeous performance!
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  14. Somebody really feels like the perfect pop song, it's simple and hits every single mark its given. The way the chorus kicks in especially is glorious. I'm so glad she's getting some recognition for her work and I sincerely hope this is the foundation for much, much, more.
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  15. Imagine a Carly performance with a gov-funded budget like this...
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  16. My vinyl arrived today! So good to have a physical copy of this.
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  17. I didn't think she released any physicals for this. Is there a CD? I can't see a store on her site.
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