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Dagny - Strangers/Lovers

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, May 25, 2016.

  1. No stop it Dagny I can’t handle so much pop excellence in just over 3 minutes!!

    What a massive song.
  2. This is sublime. I can't stop replaying it.

    Wild that it's completely missing from New Music Friday AU & NZ, when it should be at the very top of the playlist. Thank goodness for forum.popjustice.com ensuring I didn't miss it/out.
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  3. This is stunning. She always delivers.
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  4. Had this on repeat. That outro is gorgeous

    Do you love me? Maybe?
    In my dreams, you've already saved me
    You say, "I'm tired of waitin'"
    We leave the city and go sunset sailing
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  5. Easily the pop moment of the year so far.

    The Guardian compared it to Boys of Summer and I really hear it in the best way possible. So breezy but with a really strong emotional undercurrent.
  6. Brightsider is so, so great. She’s incapable of making bad music.
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  7. I wonder if there's any plans on releasing the sophomore album this fall.
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  8. I'm new to this person and I am bopping. Thank you Popjustice forum, yet again.
  9. I remember discovering Dagny in 2019 and the first 3 songs I listened to were Love You Like That, Backbeat and Wearing Nothing… think i genuinely ascended into a higher plane for those 10 minutes.
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  10. The way she gagged me with Tension when she interpolated HER OWN SONG in the bridge

    Queen. Of. Pop.
  11. Just bought tickets to her London show which I mistakenly thought was sold out. Cannot wait to be scalped by this live!
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  12. 3Xs


    Stanning Brightsider.
  13. I'm drinking and again, that outro is gorge.
  14. This is just absolutely stunning. It has become my soundtrack for the moment and I really cannot get enough.
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  15. The way she always murders us with her outros! Somebody still kills me on the way out.
  16. I'm obsessed with this, what a perfect song!
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  17. She is truly ahead of all the girls in terms of melodies and subverting expectations. The choice to repeat the middle 8 like it’s the chorus really makes the impact on the song hit harder.

    In a just world, this song should be #1 all summer. It’s perfect.
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  18. I really love Dagny but this hasn’t clicked with me yet. I read the comments on here before listening and expectations were through the roof. I’ll try some more
  19. Brightsider might be her best song yet, and given that she's already got a bunch of 10/10 songs under her belt... we won again.
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