Dagny - “Strawberry Dream” + General Discussion

Brightsider is a great tune. Not sure it matches the heights of Somebody, Wearing Nothing or even That Feeling When. But it’s a fun summer jam.

Dagny when she bumps into Sebastian Thott, Linnéa Deb or David Strääf on the streets of Scandinavia
I discovered her 6 years ago thanks to PJSC XXXVIII where Backbeat came in 6th, and yesterday I finally got to see her live in Amsterdam. It was incredible. The energy of the crowd was amazing, everyone was chanting along to so many of the songs, her stage presence was electric, the vocals were perfect.... what a show.

Briefly talked to her afterwards and she was the absolute sweetest. I didn't think I could become a bigger fan but here we are.

I didn't realize this was Saturday (I thought it'd been moved to 17 Nov) and am gonna be in Manchester now. Trying to rearrange. I hate how much gigs have bounced around recently!