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According to her bio on Warner Music Australia's website:
Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Filipino-Australian artist daine is the new soundtrack for a disillusioned generation navigating life in an unforgiving world. Harbouring an almost obsessive passion for midwestern emo and skramz in the likes of Tigers Jaw, William Bonney, American Football and more, daine takes those references from the past and transposes them to something more future facing. Harnessing all the emotion that comes from those early 00s icons, Daine blends those wrought atmospheres with contemporary hip hop production and a saccharine vocal that provides a bittersweet edge.

An artist born from a DIY ethos and an underground mentality, daine began writing music alone in her room after being inspired by shows from the likes of Turnstile, Basement, Jesus Piece and Code Orange, and credits the hardcore and metal scene in Melbourne for its camaraderie at a time when she felt isolated socially from those that she went to school with. Her first two singles ‘Picking Flowers’ and ‘My Way Out’ are perfect counterparts to reflect this desolation, with ‘My Way Out’’s dissociative euphoria providing a respite for ‘Picking Flowers’ – a devastating display of goth-tinged pop.

Within her music, daine is writing her own personal diary, and the story is taking shape with every note.
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I didn't realize there was a thread for daine on here yet! I've been following her since boys wanna txt and her consistency is amazing.

I also very much want her to collaborate with bülow?
oh right I need to check this out since i have tickets to the Sultan Room gig

i'd also look like a poser for appearing in the new ground video and not knowing any other songs lol